Friday, October 26, 2012


The Obama campaign is running a series of ads to get out the vote in the battleground states. One features quick clips that ask the non-voter, 'what you will tell those you care about?', when they face the consequences of a Romney-Ryan administration. It shows a montage of right-wing legislative goals followed by the potential victims, your grandmother, your son, your daughter. "What will you tell them?"

Another ad features shots of people who think their single vote doesn't count while the narrator explains that there are probably 537 people in Florida who wish their vote had counted in 2000. "The difference between 'what could have been', and 'what was'", with quick shots of foreclosures signs and troops in combat. This recalls the LBJ 'daisy' ad, showing in visual terms the stark consequences how you vote, or don't vote.

If I hear one person who claims to be a liberal say 'there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans', I will do something unbecoming an advanced life form. Go tell it to somebody who is a victim of the Republicans that it doesn't matter, I don't want to hear it anymore.