Thursday, September 27, 2012

USN Seals don't die cheap

Since the concept of the October surprise goes back to 1968, and we have on tape proof of Treason by Republicans in the past, we must consider the following speculation. Was the attack on the US Consulate in Libya an attempt to affect the election?

While we have no direct evidence, there are some facts to consider. The attackers were not simply a mob, they were heavily armed and obviously rehearsed in advance of the attack. Two of the Americans killed were former Navy Seals who were there to improve security. Some people say that one Seal is equivalent to fifty ordinary soldiers, that's probably a fair assessment. We don't know what really happened, you can be sure the animation on TV is wrong, you can be sure the Seals gave them Hell.

We will probably never know exactly who attacked our people, but we know it wasn't a popular movement. Local Libyans have made that clear by overrunning and destroying the Islamist militias rumored to be involved. We need to hold to principle and not be distracted or intimidated, nor can we rest for a second. Obama is winning by double digits, but it will take more than that to take back America. It will take Americans to take back America. 


Anonymous said...

Not to be mentioned is the Libyain guards that led 31 staffers to safety in a safe house and repelled an attack on that house. Also the Libyians who found and revived the ambassador after the attackers left and took him to a hospital where he later succomed to his injuries as a result of the attack.

Anonymous said...

And to think a SH%T for brains SH%&($%#$ rodney is all for spending more haphazardly on the mil to promote more occupation. What a dumb A$$.
If you want to defeat a culture and a country, just send them McCrappy foods and credit cards and American films and such and they will embrace the Koolaid and do themselves in, and have shi% for brains politicians to out source their industrial capability.
WE need to increase spending for the military in the form of help to the Veterans such as an increase wages, education programs, health care physically and psychologically, get the economy rolling and make stuff here so some of the Vets can get jobs that suit them (sorry to be blunt but a lot of people are not going to work in offices or store fronts selling phone service or insurance), family counseling, and a host of other areas to get the Vets readjusted to civilian life.
Let's extend a welcoming hand and a smile to the Libyans and Iranians and Afghanistanians and all the others that ocuppy the planet, H@((, let's even be nice to Australians, I think they're people to.