Sunday, September 16, 2012


A recent AP survey found small business owners to be "undecided" in the Presidential race. Okay, if you read the article you will discover that the Democrat leaning businessman was pro-Obama, the 'independent' and the 'Republican' were undecided. The Independent might be expected to be undecided, but the Republican didn't know who he wanted to vote for?

How bad can Romney be? Well the reality is that he's just an empty suit with enough digits to sign any pro-billionaire legislation plopped in front of him, and even Republicans are catching on to it. Right of center, well, really even the far right of center don't know who to vote for. If you compare them to history even mainstream Democratic candidates are far right of center, Eisenhower would equate most of today's Republicans with the John Birch Society, or worse. Any small businessman who thinks they are in the same interest group with billionaires are guppies who dream of being sharks. Shark food is what they will be.

The PM of Israel, Nuttyyahoo, (why a parliamentary system isn't such a good idea) is screaming that Iran is only months away from a building a NUKE and a 'red line' must be drawn now, right now, for god's sake they're on the doorstep....!!!!! No wonder Obama won't give this guy a meeting. He's clearly trying to affect US elections, and should be called out for it. Israel should be made to pay a price for allowing this nut case to represent them.

As for the hysteria over Iran getting 'the bomb', so what? They aren't crazy, even if their front man (with no power) is a bit odd. None of the really crazy, 'push Israel into the sea' nonsense was ever actually said by him. It's just right-wing propaganda, read the transcripts (you know, look it up). Nobody gets upset about Pakistan having them, of course those are Chinese bombs (if they really exist).  Iran isn't going to use such a weapon, even if it had it. It would be all over for them 20 minutes afterward, and they know it.

[Update] The Chicago teachers strike will go into a second week. The right will try to play this to their advantage. That's hard for them to do that with anyone but their brain-dead base, since Obama's former chief of staff is behaving like a Republican, it sends a confusing message.


Anonymous said...

Oh but don't you know those Muslims are all crazy and don't care about dying? All they care about is destroying Israel and us infidels in the West. Iranians are bunch of lunatics-don't you remember the hostage crisis. They took our embassy personnel for no reason other than they hated freedom. Just like Al Qaeda.

If they aren't stopped, who knows what could happen next. The next time it might be a mushroom cloud. Just like Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I presume Sh%$t Rodneys 5 progeny will lead the charge of the crusade against the Persian giant in the Middle East.
The bunch of PUS$%#S, no offense to female genitalia.