Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They are that stupid

Chuck Norris has issued his own campaign ad warning evangelical Christians they have to oust Obama from office or face "a thousand years of darkness". Huh? Isn't that the prophecy that evangelical Christians are waiting for, why fight it? Evangelicals used to stay out of politics, but TV preachers discovered that there was a lot of money in scaring the crap out of them.

The rightwing fumes about Hollywood liberals, but treats Chuck Norris as if he was some sort of war hero and an expert in foreign policy. He did serve in Korea (during peace time), was educated in military strategy (well no, he was an enlisted AF cop). His only world experience is as an actor who kicked the crap out of stereotyped bad guys (mostly brown or socialist) who threatened to bring down America through some vague conspiracy. Chuck was always there to save the day at the last minute by destroying the bad guy. Does he think the world really works like the poorly thought out plots of his movies? More likely he just knows that his audience is stupid enough to believe him if he says the same scary lines from his movies. That's the one thing Chuck has right, they are that stupid.

And a reminder to all rightwing readers: you must wear your US Flag lapel pin at half staff for the month of September to mourn the passing of Rev Sun Myung Moon at age 92. For those too young to remember before your "news" came from Drudge, the good Rev spent over a billion dollars propping up the Washington Times. This rag operated for decades as an IV catheter to insert right-wing lies into the main stream media. Oddly enough the corporate media is loathe to print a bald faced lie, until somebody else does it first. Even Fox operates largely on this basis. Everything the right believes to be recent "history" began it's life in print at the Washington Times. PS A Chinese made US Flag lapel pin is acceptable for this purpose since Korean made ones are hard to come by. By no means wear a US made Flag pin, they're all obsolete.


Roman Law said...

The buffonery of the right is always a study in toxic thought. They tell half-truths and mix them in with full blown lies until they can't even tell the difference.

Although fear is their primary currency, blind ignorance dominantes the right's jungle vision of "truth".

Ronmac said...

Speaking of fake "war heroes" Sylvester Stallone takes the cake. In his Rambo movies he single-handedly wiped out the entire North Vietnamese army a dozen times.

When the actual Vietnam War was going on, and the real-life Rambos were slugging it out in the jungles of South Vietnam, Stallone's mother got him enlisted in an acting school in Switzerland and out of the draft lottery.