Saturday, September 15, 2012

The work of a Depression

Paul Krugman pointed out in his Blog today that Mitt Romney and his people are using the exact same language to argue against the Fed (or anybody else) intervening to end the current Depression. In those days they maintained that Depressions were how assets were returned to their rightful owners. (literally, they said this) Today they don't say it so directly, but still maintain everything will take care of itself naturally. They get all the wealth, naturally.

It's not surprising that the same talking points are being recycled, it's mostly the sons of the same people. They lost to FDR, but they weren't finished off, so they're backkkk....

We're talking about people whose lifestyles cost every month more than what most Americans can only hope to make in an entire lifetime. Still they expect to pay no taxes, that's only for us peasants after all. 


Anonymous said...

This is why Romney is losing. He can't resist being the rich, pompous jag that he's been his whole life. Whether at it was at prep school, at Bain Capital, or as a presidential candidate, this guy exudes every rich guy stereotype and cannot help it. Even the other day when he made his infamous speech about the Obama Administration being sorry to terrorists-that smirk he made at the end said it all. The guy is the quintessential rich jerkoff you see in comedy movies like "Caddyshack" or "Billy Madison." Only the Republidolts who think they too will be a millionaire someday don't see it or won't admit it.

Anonymous said...

They sure have hold on the policy of government. I susppect that is why the tpp (Trans Pacific Partnership) and other such shi% for brains trade policies are on the books.
It's great for wallmSHI%^#LE big box store but not for America.
Let's just tax the wallmSHI%^#LE big box store heirs (chilin)at prereagan tax levels with no loopholes.

Dave said...

It's really quite simple. The uber-rich, as a group, want to live opulently, spending money only on themselves and the ones they care about. They can want that if they like. The rest of us, who work for a living or can't do that, don't have to give them their wish.

Government's purpose isn't to make the wealthy wealthier. It's to take care of the well-being of its citizens, balancing the needs and rights of all of them. How about keeping that in mind when you support and vote for a politician? This isn't a game of EENY MEENY MINEY MO.