Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Ups and the Downs

Obama's poll numbers are getting so high that the corporate media is starting to hint that he might actually win. Well duh, that was decided when the Republican Party allowed the monster they created (tea party) to escape the castle and run amok in the village.

Moody's is making new threats against the sovereign debt of the United States. Let's be clear, the US can cover as much debt as it wants to. While it's in the Constitution that the US has to pay its debts, it doesn't say how. Nor is there any reason that the US couldn't simply tax the rich people who are holding the debt they created by not paying taxes.

For another thing, Moody's shouldn't even be in business anymore after its willful participation in setting up the banking collapse of 2008. A lot of Republicans should be in prison.

So what is the likely outcome of another 'downgrade'? US Treasuries will go up again, and interest down. It's just a political stunt to try to keep Republicans from being massacred at the polls.


Anonymous said...


Yes, I have been wondering why the ratings guys have any standing at all after the junk that they knowingly foisted upon the entire world. Now they are in a position to do even more damage. I used to think that the Big Dog (WJC) caused a lot of the banking problems through his acquiescence on deregulation. Now, I have to believe that he must have grossly underestimated the expected oversight by the SEC and ratings entities... And he had far too much faith in human nature. Meaning, the banks went rogue, and he never could have imagined such a thing. Or not!///fype

Dave said...

A political massacre. That is exactly what we need. If there's an "R" after its name, vote against it. Lets send enough of these morons packing that the rank-and-file Republicans can pick up the shattered pieces of their party and build something more reasonable with them.

It's true that Democrats have their problems, big ones at that, but at least we can work with them while we rebuild that national party as well.

Thinking of staying home pouting and refusing to participate? What kind of massacre do you want?

Anonymous said...

Tea Party!!! Ha, when old ladies had tea bags stappled to their hats, they forever earned the right to be called TEA BAGGERS!! I laughed when I first saw that but then it got kind of HOT!!!! I got a TEA BAG for dem ole BIT#$%S, YO BIOTCH, over here!!!!!!!!
Exactly, why not just tax the supa dupa .1 % parasites as a reciprocal compensation to the American Existence that gave them the opportunity to pilfer and plunder via politics after they took via corporate-retail endeavors. Scalp the repulitards at the Polls!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is really scary how wrong this is. "The US can cover as much debt as it wants to" really? That kind of thinking is destroying this country. Socialism is eventually going to take your freedom to believe what you want. Its really sad that you are walking willingly into the arms of the people who want to control you. And if obummer gets re-elected, you will be dragging me with you.

prairie2 said...

"it is really scary how wrong this is..." This is the mindset that I'm constantly pointing out as false. This poor fellow can't break loose of the brain washing. He chants his catechism of socialism, quack quack quack. He is the one being controlled. Tricked into debt by "the controllers" that provide him with the talking points that he chants, he thinks he has to pay these debts. We don't and we don't need to run deficit spending.