Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Living is Easy in Romneyville

Incredibly the Republicans think they can pull a Ronald Reagan stunt and work the 'Morning in America' scam on the voters again. Carter lost a big chunk of the union vote who blamed him for the bad economy caused largely by Nixon, they foolishly believed Reagan to be on their side. Mitt Romney doesn't pass the smell test for most voters, even with many of those who will vote for him anyway.

But are you better off than four years ago? Well, the banks are no longer dropping like leaves from the trees after an early frost. At 4.5 million, more jobs have been created than Bush lost, in fact more than he created in 8 years. In total Bush's new job creation was a net zero. The first decade of zero growth ever.

Romney is trying to take credit for GM's success. But if Romney had let them go bankrupt as he really advocated, it would have meant GM leaving the US and becoming a Chinese company. In fact few if any cars would be made here now as it was the parts suppliers who got paid with the government money. In an unsupported bankruptcy the courts would have wiped out the creditors including all the parts factories who supply the other car makers in the US.

It was Romney's stated position was that no attempt should be made to halt the housing bust as the quicker the houses could be turned over to investors (pirates like Bain for pennies on the dollar) the sooner they could be rented out. The housing market is turning around, if ever so slowly.

Millions of Americans have health insurance who didn't four years ago. Everybody has better health insurance as the abusive practices have been ended. The right is running a TV ad now with a woman purported to be Canadian who fled her socialist system to get an un-diagnosed brain tumor treated here. Even if the story is true, she would have been treated even worse by any pre-Obamacare insurance company.  But keep telling the big lie often enough and it becomes the truth. The thing is, the right has already recruited all the crazies, this is why Romney is not getting the traditional bounce in polling. Romney could take credit for Obamacare as Romneycare did prove the concept. Too bad for him that he can't.

Moody's says 12 million new jobs will be created in the next four years under current policies. Romney 'coincidentally' says he will create 12 million new jobs in his first term. That would require he stay with Obama's policies, and you know he won't. There's still wealth in the middle class to be stolen. Speaking of stealing, that brings up Paul Ryan, this guy is such a congenital liar that he couldn't resist saying his marathon running time was about an hour faster than it really was. This guy is supposed to be the new Republican intellectual and a numbers guru. Yet he didn't realize people can look this stuff up?  Or have they really gone over the edge to where bald face lying is the strategy. When fact checkers talk about their lies they are in fact talking about the liars, which is what the liars want. Their sympathetic base feels they are being picked on and it keeps them fired up. It's a crazy approach, but it might work. They don't have anything else to use, but barrels of money of course.

In a sign of things to come, Honduras is considering allowing developers to build 'private cities'. The ultimate in gated communities, these 'private cities' would have their own laws and tax system. It's not so different from what we have here already, it's just being formalized. I guess Romneyville could take on a whole different meaning from that of Hooverville.


Anonymous said...

Lyan ryan,, what a nasty puke. He received Social Security survivor benefits and his family has a road construction business if I understand correctly.
I bet he's the A$$&*#E-splat that helped pressure-promote the walkker-walkker forked tongue talker to reject 800 million rail stimulus money for infrastructure.
No new jobs in a fresh new industry like high speed rail and the taxpayers building-paying for more roads-infrastructure that puke stain lyan ryan will then claim government can't maintain and then sell off to china.