Friday, September 21, 2012

The consensus of rats

Mittens passed out huge bonuses to his senior campaign staff in August according to his FEC filing. Republicans are questioning why their money is going to reward such incompetence. They of course don't want to take responsibility for picking him to run, or rather allowing the billionaires to pick him. Nor do they want to take responsibility for the fact that it's not really Mitten's fault that he's not slick enough to sell the big Republican lie anymore, nobody is. People are starting to emerge from the bubble and look around, the Republicans can't stop it.

Willard didn't really have any choice but to pay big to keep his staff, promising cushy government jobs that would allow them to funnel billions to their family and friends obviously wasn't going to happen. Tim Pawlenty grabbed his cheese and jumped the ship quicker than a Republican dodging responsibility for a collapsed Interstate Highway bridge. The rest of the rats wish they'd gone with him.


Anonymous said...

Willard, willard that movie about rats, Ooh wait that presidential campaign for the gop (Greedy Old Perverts, Puke-stains,Pecker-heads,Penile pump procurers...etc...) is a foul smelling corpse.
One can hope that the rats are jumping ship cause they see it is a hopeless waste of time rather than a viable attempt for the presidency. One can hope, one can hope.
Bye Bye Shit%^#$, one can dream.