Monday, September 10, 2012

The American Dream, to feel good

In a futile attempt to appear sane, Mittens has declared that he won't do away with the reforms in 'healthcare reform', careful not to call it by it's official name (The Affordable Care Act), nor calling it Obamacare. This is of course the exact opposite of what he was saying only seconds earlier when he was insisting that the very first thing he would do is end Obamacare completely.

The fact is that you can't cherry pick from the 'reforms' in Obamacare as long as insurance companies are involved. They aren't going to insure all sick people without a mandate to buy coverage, it would be a guaranteed death spiral for insurance companies. Romney knows this, that's why Romneycare included a mandate.

Does the Romney campaign think that yet another flip-flop is going to pass the smell test? It will with nearly half of the voters who hear nothing but the 98% of media controlled by the billionaires. Actually, the percentage of people who really buy into the nonsense is much lower, but the corporate media are successful in convincing enough people that it's all just politics, both sides do it.

These people either stay home, or they vote Republican because of one lie or another that they find comforting. It doesn't even matter to them if they realize that Republicans will never deliver for them, they just want to feel good. This is why you see Obama going full bore on scaring these people, and of course they should be scarred. People that vote Republican all seem to think they are personally exempt from reality. Reality is just something that happens to sinners, lazy people, or 'those people'. Not to them, they're right with God, work harder then their neighbors or have a natural 'right' to the American Dream.


Anonymous said...

This last paragraph is the most profound thing I have read on your blog site yet (and that is saying a lot with all the great stuff you write about). I have a friend who said that he was voting for Romney because he believed Romney would curtail spending. It mattered not when I informed that REAL government spending was at 50 year lows-he felt it should be even lower without giving any details on how or why. When I asked him what evidence he had that Romney and the Republicans would make this happen, in spite of the historical record of the last 32 years of fiscal policies of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, he said he just believed they would cut spending. Hence, you have nailed the Republican mindset-a complete dissonance from what is fact and what they believe to be true. It matters not what it so obvious right in front of them; rather they are in a 1950’s TV fantasyland where no one is poor, all the faces are white, everyone is Christian, and those with different views are “pinko commies.”

Anonymous said...

SH%TH#$D rommnneee can't pass any smell test as he is just full of all the santorum splat that he pulls from the nether regions, apparently the area where his soul (that fantasy-inaginary concept that links one to humanity) resides, his response as the remarks and declarations of his campaign. One can hope that his constituency just feels so low that they stay home. The majority of his constituency I see at the senior center are old white men that watch fox-scat news. The nice thing about age is that the aged are near the end of their journey and the like of shit$%ns rommmneee will diminish and maybe the country will evolve politically. We just have to expose the santorum splats, lyan ryans, horse turd cantors, orange boners, mud mouth mconnellls, lindsy grahm crackers of the world and send da bitc$%s back to their ex constituencies unemployed and retroactively loot their pensions and free gubberment for life health care just like that GOD$%^#ED FUC%^#N Magic underpants skiddmarked romnneee did to untold numbers of workers.