Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 80%

It's obvious that the American people are deserting the Republican party of entitlement for the rich. When you look at the numbers it's not that surprising. It's long been known that when you question people on their values, their hopes for America, their sense fairness, and what aspects of the American system that they support, you get a surprising answer. Fully 80% of Americans are Liberal.  The majority don't accept the label because they've had it drummed into them their entire life that 'liberal' means something else.

In order to convince people that they weren't liberals required that history be rewritten, that math be turned on its head, and well, forget science. The simple fact is that the people that created the United States were almost all liberals. They created a liberal economy, generations of liberals fought to uphold liberal values and defend this country from people who weren't liberals. Sure the United States wasn't always the good guy, but the bad was draped in liberal values in order to fool the 80% into thinking they were doing the right thing.

Americans might not be calling themselves liberals in any greater numbers, but they are coming back to liberal values. They are realizing that the conservatives are just frauds when they pretend to have liberal values and call it conservative. The 20% only care about themselves, or they've drowned themselves in the conservative Kool aid, and some people are just stupid.

We can have 1790s America back again (for everyone this time) once the 80% learn what liberal really means. That it's really what they believed in their hearts all along.


Dave said...

What you're talking about is a new morning. This the new day to undo the last 30 plus year abomination that Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) called "Morning in America."

Please let's all remember how long a day is. If we really are looking at an evolutionary change in various parts of the world, it will take time to happen, possibly longer than you or I might want. That might be uncomfortable but it's the way it is.

Some lying SOBs will try to say the "old ways" of the "conservatives" were the best and should be revived. Never listen to these deceivers. They are liars and know it.

Anonymous said...

I understand " Mittens " labled me as a moocher and not in charge of my life. You see I enlisted in the USAF during the Vietnam War did my tour. I liked the Air Force and spent 36 years in the USAF and Ohio Air National Guard. After my service was over I went to work for Conrail, then Maersk Lines and Container Port Group. I am drawing Military Retiement and Railroad Retirement. My wife suffers from kidney failure and received Social Security and Medicare before the age of 65. I bet there are a lot more moochers like us the Republicans want to take off the rolls so that there benefactors can pay no taxes.