Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The 47% vs the 0.01%

Mitt Romney has declared that the Republican Party is the rightful home of the Hispanic Community. He means the live-in maids, the rest can live in the barrio and come out to tend gardens of his estates, feed the dancing horses, that sort of thing. He feels disadvantaged that while his father was born a Mexican citizen, Mittens can't get the 'free stuff' like the White House. After all Obama got there only on 'affirmative action'. I'm only paraphrasing, his actual words recorded secretly in front of millionaire campaign donors are if anything worse because he seems to firmly believe them.

Willard is not really trying to distance himself from his remarks that claimed that '47 percent of Americans are dependent on government handouts and don't want to support themselves [look up quote]. However he claims these remarks were "off the cuff". Well no they weren't, these are standard rightwing talking points. Mittens may not want the 47% to know his class regard their lessors this way, but they do. The number is based on the threshold for paying Federal income tax. Under the current rates, 47% of Americans are making too little to pay income tax. That doesn't exempt them from paying all the other taxes and 'service fees' that Republicans have imposed to shift taxes from the wealthy to the middle class.

There is also the fact that if the past 32 years of Reaganomnics hadn't happened that the median income would be twice as high as it is now. Instead less than $50,000 for a household, it should be $100,000. That's how bad it's become. The factories have been crated up and sold, vast swaths of America look worse than Germany after the war, because they are.

The thing is, these 'values' extend all the way down the right-wing spectrum to people that 'depend on' the government themselves. The only 'odd' thing about this screed was that he said out loud that he doesn't care about the majority of Americans. Not only can the needy forget about any support from him, but unless you vote for him, "it's not his job to care about those people". Anybody who thinks they are getting his 'loyalty' by voting for him can expect that to last until the polls close.

Romney was talking to the his real base, pirates who can loot and pillage their way through life. The worse off the middle class is, the more power they have. Romney wasn't just talking about the supposed fact that 47% are getting handouts, but the problem of government protecting this 47% from the people in the room that were clapping. The talk about what slackers these people are simply justifies preying upon them. Serious criminals always blame their victims.

Some people question how Romney could be the CEO of a big company like Bain and be so dumb? Well he's not really a CEO but a Somalia style pirate, his company just handled a lot of other peoples money, they didn't have to make anything or even show a profit in any real sense of the word. They simply stole anything that they could carry away.

When Bill Kristol says you should simply quit the race between the convention and the election, you know as a Republican you are in trouble. It was already clear that Obama would be re-elected, and now Republicans aren't even pretending. You almost have to feel sorry for Mitt, he never really had a chance since he was running on Republican values, but now he'll take the fall for their failure.

Some numbers: 60% of this group Romney has only disdain for have jobs and are simply poor, Staples doesn't pay very well; 25% are retired and don't work, although many 'retirees' would be in the working poor group; 15% are unemployed, or disabled, or otherwise on 'welfare', or simply live in the street. More than half of this group voted for McCain in the last election, can you say 'landslide'?


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Do away with legacies to the Ivy League, and Bozos like Mittens would be exposed. Or rendered harmless. Just plain dumb....!///fype