Friday, September 28, 2012

Shock Poll

Drudge is finally back in the polling business. They link an article from a PA rag claiming that Obama leads Romney by 2 points is headlined, 'Shock Poll'. In reality Obama leads by closer to 10 points. The Super-Pac money left 2 weeks ago. Those people are Nazis but they aren't stupid with their money (well, corporate money they stole from you). 


Anonymous said...

Shock Poll, Ha ha hm hm (Beavis and Butthead reference, you said Poll). I'm tired of the shock pole the 99% or so have been getting. I say a little reciprocity is in order. Get to the polls (he he hm hm he he) and start bouncing these whores out, no offense to sex workers (unca Mikey reference). Start running for office. Why you ask, why not I say. Give the public a choice.
boner, aikens (ha ha he he hm hm) splat, mudmouth, swindl, the fetching nikki, (I wonder who she fetches for to get to where she is, HMM) and the likes of the ailin palin and others.
I bet they all are parishioners of polls, well I can tell them where to stick them.