Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney's secret plan

Romney's campaign announced today that he will be coming out with a concrete five point plan to fix the economy. With early voting starting in Iowa next week, he's cutting it kind of thin. Since he was supposed to be the expert, the 'smart guy in the room', the whiz kid of Bain Capital, why didn't he share any of this wisdom with voters before? Why was the plan secret?

The 'intellectual' leader of the Republicans, Paul Ryan, says tax reform policies need to be vague in order to get them passed in Congress. This guy should lose his House seat once they hear him back in Wisconsin. The math simply doesn't work. Even if you closed all the 'loopholes' on the poor who 'don't pay taxes', you know: child credits, home mortgage interest, credits for the blind, that sort of thing; the money simply isn't there.

You couldn't cover the current Bush budget deficits on that basis (we are still on his budget less 200B in cuts Obama made), let alone cover another 5T in tax cuts for the rich and an additional 2T in military spending (the Pentagon doesn't even want). The Federal government is the smallest its been compared to the population since 1952. Keep in mind the typical government worker is a school teacher. The red states have eliminated 1.2 million teachers, social workers, police, firefighters and they are paying an economic price for it. Romney and Ryan would do the same for the whole country.

The elimination those public sector jobs doesn't save money at all, these people spend their salaries into the economy creating more jobs while literally creating the future of this country. The choice is stark, continue on the path of decline we embarked on 30 years ago, or not. The decline is accelerating as we have been creating generations of poorly educated, ill equipped for jobs, and superstitious potential new Republicans. This is a trend we have to reverse while we still can.


Anonymous said...

What's shit$%ns plan?
flip flop on every topic,
tell every body what he thinks they want to hear,
toss in a snide guffaw,
hide behind his wife,
wear his magic underpants.
lyan ryan definitely needs to go, he is the epitome of what is wrong with politics.
Too bad money is free speech (in distribution not cost) and corporate whorulatrs have no bounds to collect from domestic as foreign entities. How will things change if splats and such continue to get elected.
The south and west sure seem to glimmer shining examples of "erudite" eye of knute, science in 6 days, rights from god...etc education sure have put America on the high tech moving and shaking stage the rest of the world is steering to.