Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rice is Nice, ding ding ding

The corporate media has been trying really hard to minimize the revelation that rice has dangerous levels of arsenic contamination. They sort of talk around it as if it were natural, and of course the 'organic' brown rice is far worse than the good polished 'white' rice.

In case you were wondering why all of a sudden the rice has arsenic in it even though arsenic poisoning has been known for hundreds of years, the problem is corporate agri-business. They've been shifting huge amounts of irrigated cotton land into rice production. Never mind that a hundred plus years of using arsenic as a pesticide on the cotton has contaminated the soil beyond redemption. Corporations never pay the price for these things, rich people that own the corporations can be careful what they eat. It's not all the rice that's contaminated, even though the corporate media would make you think so. I'd be surprised if the arsenic levels reported come close to real levels in the rice from recently converted land.

You know that classic Rice-A-Roni ad with the cable car? It always goes 'ding ding ding'. Three chimes of the bell on a San Francisco cable car is the signal for an emergency. The big socialist nanny state could ban the growing of edible grain on this arsenic contaminated land until it's safe. A couple of hundred years at most. If Mittens gets elected this stifling of the private market will be prevented. Eat hearty!  Ding ding ding!


Anonymous said...

Mmmn rice, serve a nice big plate of it to Shit%^#$ every day, and his kiddies and grand kiddies as well, can't wait for the end of he world!