Friday, September 21, 2012

Reality is setting in

Obama addressed the AARP convention by video feed this morning to rousing applause. Paul Ryan addressed them in person an hour later. When he said the first thing they needed to do was repeal Obamacare, he was booed down. He tried to call it a mixed reaction and went on from there. It's not hypothetical anymore, Republicans consider the 47% expendable, and seniors, who are in that group, are catching on.

Paul Ryan has borrowed $2 million to try to keep his own Congressional seat in Wisconsin. Romney trails in Badger state by 14 points, after the Walker win Willard was chortling about that state being a lock for him. Not so much anymore. The motto on Wisconsin flag dating from the 19th century is "Forward". It's a blue flag with two working people on either side of the seal. It's not the Republican flag.


Anonymous said...

The mixed reaction was the little nugget in lyan ryans junior magic underpants mixed with a nice little yellow spot, like the stripe down lyan ryans back. no offense to polecats.
I am soo glad that people are starting to smell lyan ryan and his Jocularity, what you can't be serious, he wants to do all that stuff!!!!!!
Keep talking lyan ryan, maybe just maybe you will lose both seats, one can dream, one can dream...