Saturday, September 22, 2012

Opposite world

A new French study claims that GMO corn causes tumors in mice. The corporate spin is to say 'some scientists question the results', the same scientists that told you smoking was safe. Corporate domination of agriculture isn't possible without corn, so they don't care if it kills people. There are a whole host of reasons to ban corn production. A really simple one is that we will run out of phosphorus in 50 years or less. There is no other way to get phosphorus in large quantities without mining it in a very few places in the world. Diamonds are plentiful by comparison, so the Chinese are moving to lock up the supply. Organic farming would fix the problem, but that's not the corporate way, at least until they get rid of all the family farmers. Once they have no competition they can implement plantation style farming, they can also stop feeding all you 'takers', you 47 percent-ers.

Mittens and his corporate shills have tried to create an equivalency between Willard's trashing of the 47% and the secretly recorded comments by candidate Obama in 2008. The difference is that Obama's remark that rural Pennsylvania voters are disgruntled and fearful so they cling to their guns and religion. They've kind of dropped that narrative since what Obama said was obviously true, and he has a record as President that doesn't support the rightwing propaganda that he discriminates against 'those people'.

As a direct result of Obama's policies in the middle east, crowds of outraged civilians ranged across eastern Libya on Friday night seizing, looting and burning building. The crowds, outraged over the death of US diplomats seized right wing Islamist militia headquarters and either turned them over to government troops, or burned them down. The anti-American violence that was predicted by right-wing media because of Obama's failure to conduct a 'strong' US policy in the Middle East has not only failed to materialize, but the opposite has occurred. You can bet Rush will give this full coverage on Monday. 

The papyrus discussing Jesus's wife has turned out to be notes take by a couple's therapist. He had a problem with her calling out his dad's name repeatedly during sex.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how our corporate media treats this piece of news. They have done an excellent job of demonizing all Muslims for the acts of a fanatical few. They revel in the bloodshed of last week because it boosts ratings. To see the Muslim version of "the Silent Majority" rise up in Libya and say enough is enough doesn't help reinforce their meme.

Furthermore, this is the kind of news the Romney campaign does not want to reach a mass American audience. It totally contradicts the beliefs of the Neocons Romney calls upon to advise him on foreign policy. Though I am sure they will try to spin this somehow against Obama-feebly at best.

Anonymous said...

GMO on one hand and all this heat on the other hand. It dawned on me that the increased temperature is allowing permafrost surfaces all over the world to melt for longer periods of time and perhaps thaw deeper into the soil column, freeing more sequestered CO2 and that, along with the tar sands-shale rock oil extraction really seems to be teetering on the brink of the earth spitting our life support ecosystem onto the great sidewalk of history.
And mittens isn't even concerned as his progeny will die right along side the rest of us if the conditions and balance we need in this thin pocket of gas surrounding the earth suddenly starts to change on unfavorable ways to humanity.
My hat's off to Libyans that want peace, good on you!!
Ha Ha Ha Oh god Oh god.... Ha ha ha funny!