Saturday, September 8, 2012

O 47% R 43% updated today to O 49% R 45%

That's the headline over at Drudge [updated with today's headline], and it's as close to truth as they ever get. They still have plenty of the crazy stuff though.

The spin is that Carter led Reagan by more points and lost. The difference now is that there aren't the swing voters. Everything Reagan said was hypothetical, pie in the sky as it turned out. At least 49% of Americans have figured that out, and are going with reality this time. Carter didn't help himself by adopting a deregulation, Margret Thatcher-ism mindset. I know it's blasphemy to say, but Carter wasn't a very good President. He's actually gotten much wiser since, that's why the right likes to go after him so much. Ironic, since his bad qualities were all Republican virtues. As per usual, nothing the right says about Carter is true. Well, there you go again. Nothing Reagan said, or is said about him is true either.

The poll numbers are from a nationwide survey that include areas of the country that are still holding onto their Confederate currency hoping to redeem it for gold. It isn't a question of Obama winning with him leading all the swing states, it's a question of Democrats getting the House back so some things can get done. There is a chance Ryan could lose his seat, feel free to support his opponent.

Even if that happens we should not look to that as the dawn of a new golden age. The billionaires will still wield incredible power and you can bet they will use it to do every dirty trick that they can. Don't cash in your canned goods, they'll keep for decades if kept cool. It might take that long.

[UPDATE] Drudge moved the poll numbers to a small headline and replaced it with Tim Tebow 'news', maybe it occurred to them that Romney is really losing and no spin will change that. Maybe Americans aren't quite as stupid as they were counting on.


Anonymous said...

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