Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nothing like a little rioting to disrupt The Force

Rioting in Spain as the middle-class objects to being forced to dig through garbage to find food. The corporate government response is to padlock the dumpsters.

Rioting at one of the huge Foxcom factories in China where the workers are little better than slave labor. Romney's Bain is a big player in the development of China's industrial sector by crating up factories here and moving them to China. He just loves the factory-dorm system that the Chinese use at Bain's factories. They are really only one or two steps above work camps.

Spain is on the list to become a cheap labor work floor for the trans-national corporations. If nothing else they can make things bad enough so as to use them as an example to anybody that rebels. Sort of like using the Death Star on the rebel planets. Spain was quite prosperous before the banking crash, a budget surplus, low unemployment and rapid development at high wages. That had to be ended. Will Obi Wan feel the Spanish cry out as one?

The plan of course it to move production from China when the workers start expecting a middle class lifestyle. China might have something say about that, or maybe not, we'll see.

Romney knows what he likes, it's what the Republicans like, they want the old south back again. Only they want it everywhere, not just in the south. It isn't a southern thing, it's a rich oligarch thing.


Anonymous said...

Bain (too human existence) must be taxxed out of existence. Start prereagan tax rates and regulate their shenanigans like Ike and the others did way back.