Friday, September 21, 2012

Mittens thinks you're stupid

Willard has released his 2011 taxes. In order to get his tax rate up, he declined the deduction for his Mormon required contribution, otherwise his rate would be under the 13% he claimed earlier that he was paying. This is less than the Self Employment Tax that every small businessman has to pay even before the income tax kicks in.

To keep his rate above the 10% he was required to pay given his religious contributions he purposely overpaid $500,000 in taxes. Something he derided as stupid in an interview earlier this year, he said he wouldn't be fit to President if he paid more than required. The one thing he's said that's true, he's not.

For the median American worker $500,000 represents more than 20 years of take home pay. Just a modest rate of interest on the money would be more than the average American makes. This includes all of the 47% who Mitt thinks are beneath contempt.

In reality Mittens can take the deduction on next year's taxes whether he becomes President or not, so the accounting slight of hand cost him nothing.

Queen Ann is getting really snippy with the press that dares to ask her anything but softball questions, "Just stop it...." The questions are only going to get less appropriate for her highness.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow pointed out that he always can ammend his 2011 return and add all those contributions and lower his tax rate to 8% regardless if he wins or not. With his past actions in mind he most likely will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Shi%&*#$ is right we have been stupid for a long time, allowing such a$$h@l=$ win elections, aaaahhhh the horror the horror!
Hopefully we as Americans are starting to wake up!