Friday, September 14, 2012

Inflation, but not really

Commodity prices are responding predictably to the Fed printing a new 40B a month, they're up, and the USD is down. It's not anything to get excited about, but that won't stop the right screaming about hyper-inflation. They'll be predicting that you'll need a wheelbarrow of dollars to buy a loaf of bread, it's Obama's plan after all. Their solution is predictably to tell you to buy their gold. I wonder why they're selling their gold if we're going to have hyper-inflation?

Today's CPI report put core inflation at 0.1%, hardly hyper-inflation. In fact it's far too low in this environment where the real boogeyman is de-flation. Why do the talking points say the opposite of the truth? Follow the money. Rightwing talking points are created by Billionaires, the same Billionaires that are sitting on trillions in cash. Deflation would multiply those trillions by 10 to 1 if allowed to really take hold. Some of that math the Republicans don't like, a few hundred million that they pay to keep their base stupid makes for a fantastic return on investment.

The only real problem that we have with prices is the cost of energy, and that's entirely a consequence of the Wall Street banks controlling the spot market for petroleum as well as the futures market. This was outlawed by the Dodd-Frank Act, but enforcement has been blocked by the Republicans. The right believes that they pay an extra $2/gallon for gas because of Obama. It's really a 'tax' imposed by their sovereign lords, the billionaires who get the billions this brings in. Still, as good peasants they believe the straw man fairy tales that their masters tell them. You don't question the people appointed by God to rule over you.


Anonymous said...

People appointed by god to rule over us. What a load of santorum splat. It is such a shame that the experiment of democracy is wasted on such an apathetic bunch as we, United States of America citizens. I hope citizens are starting to wake up and tell their countryman. I think there will be hope if citizens start pressuring the splats (politicians) to create and pass legislation that favors America and it's citizens rather than the .1 %.
Gas, gold and bread, the vacuum that sucks money from all of us. Ask yourself, do you need that $50 a month cell phone, of that $35 a month tv package? A reduction in demand unfortunately won't lead to lower prices, It will lead to the de-flation mentioned in the blog.
Tax the .1 % and let them scream!