Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How many laps can Obama lead by?

There are (maybe) reliable reports that Ryan and his staff have taken to calling Romney, "Stench" as in 'stench of death', and Romney advisers are calling Ryan, "Gilligan" as in a 'goofus'. [this maybe just satire, but it sounds credible] Ryan has figured out that the Romney campaign is dead, and has started running the Ryan 2016 campaign. The far right loves him because he gives them specifics with charts and graphs. The numbers on his graphs come in two types, real numbers that he totally misinterprets, and completely made up numbers that justify the suicide pact he wants them to sign. The slide show is a shiny thing designed to keep the crowd from booing him when he says his stupid things, charts make it seem like he isn't responsible for what he's saying, he's just reporting the 'truth'.

Romney is getting all freaked out by being upstaged by Ryan, even stopping the crowd from chanting Ryan's name when he introduced him.

The far-right never admits it's wrong, they like the atmosphere in their bubble. If they get shown up by reality, it's their front man's fault for not being far right enough. Let's look at the past 30 years, not even going back to the infamous Nixon or Ford. Reagan was a failure, but they'll never admit it. Bush I was a failure, but only because he was a traitor by raising taxes. Clinton gave them everything they claim to want, you know, a huge budget surplus, ended welfare and stuff like that, but they hate him. Bush II was a disaster but they pretend he never existed. Obama has been cleaning up the mess and making their lives better, killed Bin Laden, saved GM, but they hate him most of all.

Speaking of GM, Obama now leads Romney among NASCAR fans, as redneck a bunch as you could ask for and proud of it. Why the shift? NASCAR fans are overwhelmingly Chevy owners. They are also in the class of people who really benefit from Obamacare. While your typical NASCAR fan is 'unsophisticated', they aren't stupid. Romney thought he could court NASCAR fans by saying that while he didn't know anything about racing, he is friends with several team owners. If Obama was white, he would lap Romney.


Roman Law said...

"If Obama was white, he would lap Romney."

The last sentence of your commentary reveals why Obama's lead over Romney remained artificially "competitive".

The radical right's deluded miscalculation allowed them to believe that they could get away with front loading an empty suit like Romney using their re-fried talking points.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

Wow, this quote made my day; "The far right loves him because he gives them specifics with charts and graphs. The numbers on his graphs come in two types, real numbers that he totally misinterprets, and completely made up numbers that justify the suicide pact he wants them to sign. "

That's some great prose, my man. I got a good chuckle.

Keep up the great writing. I'm amazed at how well you put the disparate hidden facts together. One day, we might see this kind of writing on the TV or in the Newspaper, but for now, we've got bloggers like you.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

The real psychological problem that I think this highlights with our countrymen on the "right" is that they've been convinced by their own echo chamber that they are popular.

It's like Archie Bunker got on MTV's "The Real World" and after a fake fan party, he's convinced he's the new cool.

25 Teabaggers on a street corner and the one paster with 50 parishioners who burns a Koran get prime time coverage while anti war protestors and Occupy Wall Street only get coverage if something bleeds.

It's only reinforced by a thousand and one Lieutenant Governors and embedded election workers striving to fight for righteousness and give the country the politician God wants them to have -- not the one they voted for. It's reinforced by electronic voting.

More and more, every day, the village idiot gets center stage, as long as he says things like Herman Cain or Sean Hannity. It isn't the quality of their thinking -- it's that it coincides with the CEO's religion is what matters.

Everyone feels alone and living in an asylum, because rational thought and "problem solving" look like Conspiracy theories on TV News. Easily dismissed by a well quaffed PR rep's chuckle and body language.

The idiots feel like they are a majority. And they will follow anyone who cares enough to lie to them and make them feel special.

Why is it that most racists tend to be uneducated? Because you don't fear minorities if you actually believe you are superior -- you fear them if they might actually surpass you.

Obama might not have moved much from Bush -- but it's the "surpassing" and eclipsing of their white entitlements that scares people. They'll put Gordon Gecko in office as long as he'll tell the echo chamber that they are the best people in America, just because they do what they do.

It's a moving target. Right now, Beer and NASCAR or more real, but tomorrow it could be jello wrestling. It's best to keep an open mind about the closed minded.

Anonymous said...

Those NASCAR Chevys are mounted on a 67 Ford Frame, equipped with a Ford T&C top loader transmission, a Ford Borg and Beck clutch, a Ford removable carrier differential, Ford front suspension and wheels. Republicans do not know it takes Ford engineering to make Chevys commpetable.