Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gravity is just theory

Romney has been claiming for months that the political donations were just rolling in because he was  way more popular than the President. Now his campaign is deep in the red, and he's spending all his time begging rich people for more money. Simply put, Mittens wasn't really out raising Obama by leaps and bounds, it really was that he was employing Enron style accounting. They were adding together accounts that he has no access to spend. He was committing fraud to make himself look better, but he'll probably pay no price for it, as they'll just claim incompetence. The Masters of the Universe always claim incompetence when their numbers don't add up, that is when they can't just claim liberal bias. Numbers do have liberal bias, along with colors, shapes, gravity....


Anonymous said...

Shit%^#$ rodney exists in rarefied air, far above us peasants and other miscreants.
Accounting practices, who needs damn accounting practices, shit%^#$'s manifest destiny is to be the prez and whatever means necessary is fine cause he's special, wifey poo said so.
The bias comes form magic under pants caressing his scrotum.