Sunday, September 30, 2012

Econ 101 - The confidence fairy doesn't leave jobs under your pillow

The refrain from Republicans and particularly from Willard Romney is that business is sitting on $5 Trillion because they have no confidence in Obama and the Democrats. He is sure that he will personally create 12 million or 20 million jobs (depending on the day he's talking) just from the confidence that he will inspire.

To refer back to my earlier post, that's not what creates jobs. US companies are hiring pretty much all the people they need (mostly in China). If they were really holding back there would be shortages of US made goods, and there's not.

Mittens is also dedicated to lowering wages and eliminating public sector jobs. You should be able figure out what this does to demand. If you can, that's why you're a Democrat and not a Republican idiot.


Anonymous said...

Economists like Paul Krugman say if the economy proceeds on it's present course with 2% annual growth by the end of 4 years 12 million jobs will be created if you count the 5 million jobs already created the past 4 years in the total. This presumes the present stingy Congress continues it's present course and the Republican State Governors continue firing local government employees and underfunding state aid to local governments also.

Roman Law said...

Therein lies the problem for the majority of Romney-bots who have become so delusional by their consumed hatred for Obama that their one-trick pony candidate only lip syncs derisive, meaningless opposition talking points.

The radical, right wing mob has yet to figure out what the rest of us sane people already know, refried GOP pablum is way too chewy to swallow.

Dave said...

It's interesting to talk about successful and unsuccessful economic policies. Some would say trickle-down economics has been tried and didn't work because it didn't create good jobs and wages.

Consider the idea that trickle-down was successful because it prevented good jobs and wages. From that standpoint, the entire right-wing experiment has done exactly what it was supposed to do.

If you're broke or just getting by, have no hope of ever being in any other condition, and neither do your children or grandchildren, remember, according to some,that is the proper order of things.

Are you going to keep voting your throat-stomper's minions back into power?