Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't believe what I say, believe what I tell you

Mittens told Scott Pelley on 60 minutes that his comments during his 47% speech were just his 'personal remarks', and not the position of his campaign. Some people might think this is crazy, but it's just Willard's world view that a corporation, in this case Romney/Ryan 2012 LTD (incorporated in The Cayman Islands), can be separate from the guy who actually makes the decisions.

In Romney's world a corporation can literally operate like a pirate ship carrying off booty and the Captain is not responsible, and of course the reverse is true also. The corporation can distance itself from the Captain of the pirate ship if he gets caught.

Romney has now extended this to a new level of absurdity by claiming that he's not personally responsible for his own remarks because the campaign holds a different position. Believe what my PR people tell you, not what I say. When I said that some people might think this is crazy, I take that back. You have to be a crazy Republican to accept an argument like this.

Willard has also stated several times in response to awkward questions about the Ryan budget, that Ryan's policies are not his. This is literally true, but right up until the implications of the Ryan budget (passed  twice by the Republican House) sank in, Romney thought it was "marvelous", and still was in the 47% speech. Ryan is taking the same position about Mittens being in charge, but his budget was the one and only answer to our problems until the minute when Romney started disavowing it.

Ryan is starting to distance himself from Romney on some of the crazy stuff, probably since his back-up plan to keep his seat in Congress is in doubt. They still call Ryan's home state of Wisconsin a toss up, despite the 14 point lead that Obama has picked up. It was fairly close before Ryan.


Anonymous said...

The concept of a SHI&%^#$/lyan-gilligan coproration just behooviates us Americans not too vote for stinky and the pukestain. I wonder where the voice that makes the decisions originates, china, the kok bros, a booger from under a rock.
What is SHI+!>#$ resposible for? Homelessness for unemployed 50-60 year olds that can't be taught new tricks after their jobs got packed up and shipped out courtesy of bain (too human existence).
Go Rob Zerban, politic and campaign and beat the pukestain.
pukestains budget is like his junior magic underpants, full of SH%+ and stinky.