Thursday, September 27, 2012

Conspicuous by it's absence

I read Drudge, so you don't have to. Not that there is any actual writing on Drudge, it's just a collection of links, but the page composition talks. It's sort of like watching a culture grow, you can learn things. For the first time in months, maybe years, there is no polling data about how bad Obama was doing. Apparently they couldn't find anything to link to that was up to there 'standards', that is one that 100% of the people who can read wouldn't laugh at. Yesterday, they were down to running a national poll that claimed that Obama and Romney were still tied. Even that's gone now, the Petri dish has changed color (it still smells bad).

They're down to running pictures of Obama and Michelle in the least flattering shots that they can find. Also photo of an elderly black woman who got a free phone from a program that connects the poor to the phone system who says she'll vote for Obama. This proves it's all about 'free stuff' of course, even though most of the people getting a leg up from that program are white. They don't mention the trillions that Wall Street steals from the 99.9%. That doesn't seem to count as 'free stuff', rich people deserve it. Never mind that giving the poor telephones helps them get jobs, reduces healthcare costs and so on. Drudge doesn't want to get people out of poverty, what would they 'write' about.


Anonymous said...

The free phone legislation was passed and signed during the Bush Administration prior to Pesident Obama taking office.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about free stuff. How a about the free stuff like oil leases that get collected and not used, the day to day operations in a the American economy and not paying a cent in corporate taxes for the privilege, the blather that takes place on radio on the public airwaves, or the pensions and free for life health care the likes of lyan ryan and sh%t*@#$ or the orange boner gets if they leave office. Great work if you can get it or are willing to WHore out your soul and more to get it.
I say retroactively rescind politicians healthcare and pensions and go to tax rates of the 70's with import protectionist import duties.