Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And the Rooster crows

America is starting to wake up, and this is bad news for Republicans, and especially bad for Willard Romney. He is used to talking down to the help you see, they never question him. It never occurred to Mittens that he'd need to explain himself, that people might question his impossible government budget strategy. Horrors, even the corporate media is no longer keeping in their place. Republican pundits are starting to demand that he release details, they are apparently even stupider than we thought. Romney can't release any details, he doesn't have any. 2 + 2 doesn't make 14, no matter how many 'details' you invent.

This morning Romney immediately tried to advantage of the death of US diplomats in Libya by  linking the incident to Obama,  rather than the right-wing death-cult christians in the US. These limp brains are giving the right-wing Muslims exactly what they want to hear, that the US are just neo-crusaders. Romney has taken as his foreign policy advisers the same bunch of neo-cons that Bush had running things in his first term, they think provoking the Muslim extremists is good for business, and Romney is all about what's good for business.

The German Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of the Euro bailout. The only way a Euro can continue to exist is if Germany starts paying back the big bucks its been making off the trade imbalance with the smaller countries. In the US the blue states subsidize the red states with massive transfer payments. Alabama and Mississippi are far less productive than Greece by comparison but get huge amounts of Federal money. All the red states get more than they pay in, this is largely because of their backward, uneducated workforce coupled with  top down state governments that like it that way. The Republicans are trying to remake the entire country in that mold. Just in case you haven't noticed, I consider them to be the enemies of this country. The Civil War never ended, and I don't mean North/South in that sense. I mean right vs wrong.


Anonymous said...

According to, Obama is winning the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada and yes Paul Ryan's state of Wisconsin. Though there is all kinds of voter funny business going on in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, theoretically he would only have to win one of these three (as long as he takes the other battleground states) to win re-election. Now it’s funny you would mention the Civil War since the voting projection webpage has Romney winning every former Confederate state sans Virginia (which only recently went blue with the influx of "Yankees" in the surrounding D.C. areas) and Florida (also heavy with "Yankee ex-pats"). Which begs the question-maybe Lincoln should have let them go on their own? Just saying.

BTW-I cannot think of any candidate (sans Gore in 2000) in recent memory who lost his home state. Romney will have the distinction of losing in THREE of his home states (Michigan, Massachusetts and California). Or does California only count as a "second home?" Though I guess you can count his two stints in Utah while attending BYU and as head of the USOC as one of his home states-so he has that going for him. I guess.

But that's the point-Mitt Romney is the human version of a multinational corporation. With no real home state to call his own, bank accounts all over the world, he is false notion that "corporations are people too" only in reverse. No sense of or loyalty to any community, state or country (yes including our own).

Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought them damn towel heads hatin on America but I realize I and we live in a huge, huge world. Each and every one of us is a little bitty "point of light" with a whole universe with-in each of our knoggens. I am very much incensed at the santorum splat that evidently created some movie that incensed all those people. I heard that there are a lot of those people that are sympathetic to Americas loss and a good people just like most of us here in America. I have come to realize that there are fundementalist crazzzzyy Bas%$#Ds all over the world in all flavors of MYTH. TOO bad we have one running for President!