Saturday, August 4, 2012

You are what you eat

The private sector added 185,000 jobs last month. Did you notice this doesn't match what you heard on the news? That's because they only give you the "net" non-farm jobs number, subtract 13,000 jobs from the public sector that the Red States killed (including another 7000 teachers), and 8,400 Utilities sector workers that are being locked out by their employers in labor disputes.

Romney says his one page plan will add 12 million jobs immediately, the plan is only one page because there is no plan.  He will however increase taxes for the bottom 95% while slashing his own. This is the conclusion of a non-partisan (it's really pretty conservative, just not crazy) research group. They said they gave him every benefit of the doubt, but his tax policy is supposed to be revenue neutral and with explicit cuts for the rich, that means everybody else goes up sharply. Romney used to love the work of these people (they are conservative), now he calls them names. Mittens says they didn't allow for the fabulous growth his plan will produce. When it's pointed out that his plan doesn't detail how that magic growth will happen, his response is that the boom will created by Congress filling in the blanks. Right, I'll order my magic underwear now.

The Center for American Progress says their analysis indicates Willard's plan would kill 365,000 jobs the first year, and the disaster would only get worse from there. Why would the rich hurt their country in such a dramatic fashion, surely they would go down with us? Well, no they haven't so far. The worse off the rest of us have become, the better they do. That's how feudalism works, get used to it.   

It's all about capturing the wealth. If you still have some, they want it, and they will have it. The bottom 60% own 2% of the wealth. The top 1/10 of one percent have 40% and climbing. Even those in the one percent aren't immune from losing to these top predators.

Consistent with Global Warming Theory, the drought in the US continues to get worse. Most crops are past the point where rain now would do any good. According to the USDA, half of US counties are in the disaster area. This is really hard on the corn crop. Ironically growing corn is a significant contributor to global warming. Growing Dent corn (it's a group of genetic traits marked by a dent in the end of each kernel) requires a tremendous amount of chemical inputs. Besides the increasingly nasty pesticides the corn has been genetically modified to tolerate (but humans haven't) the energy requirements to produce and apply the fertilizer needed is enormous.

Especially bad is the use of anhydrous ammonia, a synthetic nitrogen source. Vast amounts of natural gas are used in the process which produces in turn produces as a waste product vast amounts of nitrous oxide. Released into the air in manufacturing and as the fertilizer breaks down in the soil, N2O is 297 times as effective as a greenhouse gas as is CO2 by unit of measure. It's also persistent in the atmosphere, it doesn't go away. It also currently the biggest contributor to ozone depletion.   

Okay, back to the capturing of wealth, Dent corn has been instrumental in this process as well. You see it is easy to handle in huge volumes, stores for years at minimal cost, so they can control the supply. Huge transnational corporations have used it to have their way across the planet. They've successfully wiped out the small farmers in the US and Mexico this way, and they don't intend to stop there.

The stuff is totally void of any nutritional value, but don't despair, corn is the basis for the vitamin and supplement industry. Amazing what you can do in fermentation tank. Any Native American culture that got more than 40% of its food from corn, disappeared. We get 60% from corn. Say goodnight.


Dave said...

Be careful. . .as soon as the oligarchs figure out a way to commit genocide without leaving a bunch of corpses around, about six billion of us excess people will go missing. After all 400 people don't need that many servants.

Unknown said...

What does someone's underwear have to do with it, or was that just another gratuitous slap at Mormons?

prairie2 said...

Magic underwear. Yes it was a slap at Mormons, but not gratuitous. It makes a point about Bishop Romney. You do have Freedom of Religion, and 'no religious test for office' in the Constitution, but not freedom from ridicule. Any religion has it's whack jobs, but the Mormon church exerts the kind of control over its members that makes it questionable to elect any of them to public office. We didn't used to elect Catholics for the same reason, and there are Catholic Bishops (and Protestants) that still try to exert their control over government, but Catholics tend to ignore their clergy. Mormons don't.