Saturday, August 11, 2012

Going down with the ship

Mitt Romney stood in front of the battleship USS Wisconsin to announce his VP choice. It really is fitting that he stand in front of a ship that was obsolete and useless when it was built, just like the Ryan budget. Also fitting that he stood in front of a ship that Ronald Reagan dragged out of mothballs and fooled away billions of dollars on. Reagan did this in order to mask the collapsing economy he was creating with his trickle down voodoo economics.

Reagan added 400 ships to the Navy built around the four Iowa class floating money drains to "confront the Soviets". He did this because the Evil Empire had secret nuclear submarines, according to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The CIA said no they didn't, but that only meant the Russians were keeping them secret. No matter that the CIA said the Soviet Union would collapse, and did so right on time. This is always touted as a huge accomplishment for Reagan, but it's like the King who comes out and plunges his sword into the already dead dragon and then takes credit for slaying it.

Reagan's biggest sins however were failing to enforce the laws against monopoly capitalism allowing a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, and worst of all the decriminalizing of leverage buyouts. This allowed the looting of companies assets, pension funds, and so on. Sound familiar? Maybe you've heard of Bain Capital, everything Romney is today he owes to Ronald Reagan. So Romney and Ryan appearing in front a monument to one of Reagan's biggest lies is really poetic. The kind of poetry that will make you cry.

The people in Romney's profession have destroyed 250,000 factories since Reagan re-christened the Wisconsin. The bad guys that the Iowa class battleships were built to fight in 1942 couldn't have dreamed of doing that much damage to the United States.