Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hand of God is the new normal

News from the Weather Bureau: Looks like God is going to smite Tampa for allowing evil to hold its convention there. The Mississippi River is getting so low from the ongoing drought that barge traffic is regularly halted for dredging despite light loading the barges, and may halt completely. I'm not sure what they're hauling in these barges, they shouldn't be exporting grain, but they probably are.

Wind mill manufactures are starting massive layoffs in response to the failure of Congress to renew tax credit for utilities to buy them. Romney has declared it's his policy to end wind power, in the guise of fairness to the coal industry. You see the problem with wind is that all of the money has to be spent up front to build the equipment, whereas a coal plant is marginally cheaper. Of course wind is free and doesn't pollute. So wind power is far cheaper over the long run even though it requires considerably more people to operate windmills. (Job creating, huh.) Never mind the global warming that makes more and bigger hurricanes. The Act of God unfolding in Tampa may demonstrate whether Obama has adequately fixed FEMA in order to respond to the disasters that are going to be the new normal in the Republican century.


Anonymous said...

Morons in New Orleans should move. How many hurricanes before they say enough? ... Guarantee if no taxpayer money to rebuild and the fools would have to move. More taxpayer money down a sinkhole.

Anonymous said...

To hell with bobby jindal-the swindle. I'd tell him to f$%^@ff when it comes to fed money if the gubberment is so bad, OH wait he's cryin like a little BIT$%h now that the hurricane has swept through yet again.
Feds to the rescue again. Feds help rescue, rebuild and put right the live of the louisianians.
That's ok that's what a civil society does. If you don't like it go live in Haiti.
Trouble is, they keep voting in the swindle, I mean jindal.
Maybe one hurricane yet to arrive, unca sugar won't be there.