Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul who? I've never heard of him my friend

"It's just marvelous" [my friend] so said Mitt Romney about the Ryan budget. Now he pretends the bill never existed let alone that it was passed by the Republican controlled House. Romney's policy is to cut his 14% tax rate by a quarter, Ryan would eliminate Romney's taxes entirely. No wonder he thinks it's marvelous.

Ryan is an ideologue, most people pronounce the word like 'idea', but in the soft 'a' instead hard 'a' in the tomato-tomato choice, it can be pronounced with a soft 'i' like 'idiot'. I've noticed Democratic spokes people all use the more descriptive version.

There's talk that Ryan could put Wisconsin into play, his numbers were falling in his district, so maybe not. He's not giving up the campaign for his seat to run for VP, gosh you'd think he wasn't confident of winning. Ryan does seem to have taken Florida out of play. Really he's just positioning himself to run in 2016, Romney made the Freudian slip of introducing him as "the next President". Romney is admitting that Ryan is really the candidate now. A rightwing type like Romney, always does the kick down/suck up calculation, Ryan is the dominate partner in this couple.

This may have been the stupidest thing Republicans could have done strategically. Except for the reddest of red districts, any Republican Congressional candidate would be crazy to appear in public with Ryan. Republicans have already been running against the Ryan plan. It's hard to find a Congressional District that wouldn't be adversely impacted by the Ryan budget. Remember this isn't a hypothetical budget, Republicans passed it in the House.

The only question is, if Democrats can turn out the voters. Ryan can turn out the tea baggers, but only if they don't actually read his budget. Romney says now he has his own budget plan. Really, since when? Then why run with Ryan if you don't accept his Ayan Rand principles? Of course nobody else does, so it's time for a flip-flop.  


Roman Law said...

I am not the only one who believes Romney has passed the baton to Ryan by making him the VP or should I refer to him as the next Republican Nominee.

The bad news for Willard is that his negatives are rising above 45 percent and we aren't even over the conventions yet.

The only way this race remains close is if Obama is unable to motivate his likely voters but voters won't need Obama to motivate them because Romney will have Ryan to do that this time around.