Monday, August 6, 2012

Is your wheelbarrow full of money?

On the first anniversary of S&P downgrading the credit rating of the United States of America interest rates are skyrocketing, the USD is worthless, we can't import oil, and it takes a wheelbarrow of money to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Oh wait, none of that happened and Treasury bills continue to rise in price on auction (lowering the cost to the government). The Republicans bloviate about all the money that Obama is borrowing. Never mind that he's forced by Republicans to continue Bush's spending policies, and he's getting the money for free. 

Sure we have to pay the money back, but since rich people have trillions to loan the government at near zero interest, maybe they could pay more taxes. Debt really is just paper, it can be run through the shredder at anytime. Why the right wants to give a big slice off the top of everything to the "do nothing" rich completely escapes me. They are incensed that liberals would feed the poor, but they spend literally thousands of times as much to feed the idle rich.

"But, but, but they're job creators!" Does anybody buy that line anymore? If we maintain the class of inherited wealth because they provide leadership and moral guidance to the nation, it's really those jobs that need to be outsourced. Or rather, we need to start doing leadership for ourselves after the greedy, useless bastards have been kicked to the curb. We can all have our jobs back, and our small businesses back if we get rid of the incompetent economic "managers". We can have decent education for our children, bridges that are safe to drive on, healthcare that is envy of the world instead of ranked 28th, and on and on. Everything we had before the 30 year conservative nightmare began.


Mobis21 said...

"Why the right wants to give a big slice off the top of everything to the "do nothing" rich completely escapes me."

I can give you a few. The right knows and history shows that fear can only go so far in controlling and dominating a population-think 911. But fear coupled with the threat of starvation can quell the masses appetite for insurrection-I call it the awakening desire for economic equality.

We know this policy was used during the days of the empire of kings and lords by the aristocrats in Europe to hem in their population and continue the economic stranglehold on their own population.

When people live in fear and their bellies are hungry they have little time to think or to resist.

Anonymous said...

" he's getting the money for free." .. nothing in this world is free. someone or something pays for everything. In this case, those poor old folks trying to scrap by on socialist security and no interest on CDs & govt. bonds are paying the price for govt. induced low interests rates. Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Why are rich people considered "greedy" when they don't want to pay more taxes. Yet, when someone else wants to take more of THEIR money, they are not greedy? Twisted lefty mindset.

prairie2 said...

They don't even bother to read the article, just post talking points.

You want interest rates to be higher for the old folks? How about taxing the rich so they can't flood the market with money, driving interest rates to zero? Try reading it again until you understand. BTW, the rich believe you should pay all the taxes and not them.

Dave said...

People should take all the exemptions from taxes that laws allow. The problem is that too many breaks for rich people are allowed. That's what needs to change.

Our current system allows piles of money to be made playing games with money. That activity is much simpler than investing that puts people to work. Are we surprised that the path of least resistance is the most popular one?

So dear John and Jane Voter, if you were going to vote Republican because they're godly, hate gays, and love guns, don't do it! None of those things have anything to do with why you can't get a break. The Rs have always known this and laugh at you because you don't.