Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm shocked

Sheldon Adelson's bag man in China is under investigation by the DOJ for, well, for being a bag man. Adelson has made billions by providing offshore casinos on the Chinese island of Macau for the Chinese market where gambling is otherwise illegal. This was all facilitated by a well connected businessman named Yang Saixin. The investigation into bribing Chinese officials is sort of a slam dunk: "I'm shocked to discover that there is gambling at Ricks"; "Here are your winnings, Captain"; "Thank you". 

Seems there's this little law on the US books about bribing foreign officials. The scrutiny will doubtless make the Chinese uncomfortable, Mr Yang has much more to fear from Chinese prosecutors. What he's been doing for Sheldon is commonplace in China but is still illegal and can be fatal if it creates embarrassment for the wrong people in power.

If Mr Adelson can be shown to even be aware of the bribes he could face stiff penalties in the US. Does this have anything to do with him trying to buy the US elections? Perhaps, after all the original definition of racketeering was the buying of elections by criminal gangs. Are the Red Chinese funneling money into US elections? Why would that be more shocking than it simply coming from an oligarch who wants to own a President?


Ol' Doc CPU said...

Love the 'Casablanca' quote. ;-) And thank you for all the other stuff you write about. Also enjoy hearing it read on the Mike Malloy show. ;-)