Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blowing hard in Iowa

In one of his first campaign appearances, Paul Ryan refused to discuss farm policy at the Iowa State Fair, saying he was there just to enjoy the Fair. I guy known for near zero body fat probably didn't come for the fried stick of butter on a stick (yes there is). Everybody running for President has come to the Iowa State Fair to talk about his farm policy, the only thing is that Ryan doesn't have one. The Republicans refused to act on the Senate bill, so no bill has passed. Something Obama made hay about on his simultaneous visit to Iowa, Ryan's trip was intended to show up the President. Instead it made Ryan look like the problem. On his executive authority, Obama ordered the government to buy $170 million of meat to put into frozen stockpiles.

Obama also made much of Romney's plan to kill wind energy tax credits, Iowa gets 25% of its electricity from wind turbines and manufactures them in the state. Romney tried to score points in Ohio by by bragging about leveling the playing field for different sources of energy, posing with coal miners and falsely claiming Obama is trying to kill the coal industry. Would that were so.  Romney actually made the same boast on his last visit to Iowa, oops. Ohio, Iowa, one fly over state looks like another from your private jet.

Retail sales up sharply in July. The Consumer Price Index was unchanged for the month. The sharp rise in gasoline prices won't have an effect if it doesn't go too high as the increase was built in to prices the last time it shot up. Analysts are predicting the gas will fall again in September. We're still swimming in the stuff, so that's not a hard guess to make. 

Nuclear plant permits are all on hold until waste storage issue is resolved, both long term storage and the safety of on site storage. Apparently the Fukushima disaster is not being ignored after all. This affects 16 proposed new reactors, and 14 that will shut down without renewal of their permits. We could probably use a bunch of new windmills.


prairie2 said...

Massive output from the rightwing troll today. Not in the mood to sift through it. Putting a lot of different talking points in one comment doesn't prove any of them, just keeps them from being published. Try posting just one, so I can tear it apart effectively. They're all gems of wisdom, right? No need to try to bury me in work.