Sunday, August 12, 2012


Paul Ryan is the new intellectual of the Republican Party, or so he's been anointed by the very serious people at the corporate media. This 'statement' from the Obama camp, "oh goody, goody. Ha ha ha hee hee". [gasping for air] Newt Gingrich used to be their intellectual, but he can't be counted on to always avoid the truth. Paul Ryan doesn't suffer from that affliction.

Let's be clear, Paul Ryan is no intellectual, he's just good at keeping the billionaires talking points straight in his head. Now the claim is that they don't need to defend the Ryan budget because he's come out with an all new "bi-partisan" plan. They bought one Senator, this is bi-partisan plan the same way the British plan with Benedict Arnold was. The outcome for America is the same, rule by a handful of rich oligarchs. The new plan is the same as the old plan, just dressed up with a few new lies.

Considering that Willard picked Ryan simply to tamp down the Tea Bagger revolt at the Republican Convention, it seems strange that they would want to label him with the "I" word. The baggers hate smart people, of course Ryan really isn't one, so maybe it will work for him. The incurious do have a n idea in their head about what smart people should really sound like. The "really smart" people always agree with them. 


Anonymous said...

John Kenneth Galbraith's quote about conservatives finding new ways of justifying selfishness come to mind when discussing Ryan. He is certainly no intellectual and along with Viceroy Walker another Wisconsin Koch Brother lackey. The scary thing about Ryan is he really believes in Social Darwinism and Objectivism, whereas Romney merely wants the presidency for his trophy case.

Nevertheless, he provides an even bigger target than Palin did in 2008 because his views are out in front for everyone to observe. Let's see how his ideas on Social Security and Medicare fly with the over 55 crowd. This choice might have sealed it for Obama as long as they continue the same strategy they have been using all summer and hammer BOTH of them.

Anonymous said...

Something I picked up on XM radio, the clever little plan to exclude anyone 55 and older from the destruction of Social Security and Medicare is backfiring. You see those 40 and 50 year olds are the children of the 55 and older. They want the same coverage for their kids.

Anonymous said...

Well I am 41 and have been paying into both programs for 25 years. I would also like to benefit from each when I am in my "Golden Years." Allowing this little twit, who by the way shouldn't be allowed to manage a Wisconsin Frozen Custard stand let alone be VP, to destroy both SSA and MC would be treasonous to me. People would literally die without each of these essential programs.

The ironic thing about this cretin is his family benefited from the same program (SSA) he wants to hand over to Wall Street when his father died and his mother and siblings received SS death benefits. He once called it a Ponzi Scheme. Funny, it wasn't such a fraud when it helped his family. Just like his hero Ayn Rand who received SS during her twilight years, he is the same hypocrite.

Dave said...

I suspect that Republican voters read this blog from time to time. My message is to you.

The candidates running in your party are not your friends. They don't care about "family values" that you hold dear. They are merely employees of those that mean to con you, steal from you, leave you with nothing, and then find a way to extract a cost from you for the privilege of having nothing.

If I am exaggerating, it's only a little. I also get it that Democrats aren't your friends either. However they can be worked with until they can come around right or be sent packing.