Thursday, July 19, 2012

Turn on the Bat Signal, Bain is at it again

The AARP is reporting that a large number of seniors are at risk of their homes being foreclosed upon. Gosh you'd think Mittens had stolen their pensions or something. After Bane (I mean Bain, Holy typo Rush), after they loot a pension plan, the taxpayer picks it up, but pays only pennies on the dollar.

The Bush Crash took a big chunk out of the 401(k) ponzi scheme, and now a lot of people are forced to cash out what's left. They are paying huge penalties for the privilege of using their own money. These people are short of retirement, but have no hope of ever being employed again in the new Flat Earth economy of Ronald Reagan. He built the penalties into 401(k)s, do you see why?

It's absurd that any pension money is ever "invested" in the market. It's just an excuse to let rich people skim a big chunk off the top. The only legitimate place to put pension money is in government bonds, as Social Security does. The right would just love to get their hands on that money. Not because they need the money, but so they can take it away from you.

When you go to gas station, half your money goes to pay rich people. Prior to Obamacare half your insurance premium went to rich people, not it's "only" 20%, Medicare runs on less than 4%. Student loans only exist so the rich can skim off the top of that money. All privatization is created so that the rich can get a fat cut.

The Inspector General for Iraq reported that private contractors cost five times as much as using GIs for the same job. This is typical, Obama cut $200 billion off of the Bush budget by eliminating contractor jobs. He either converted them back to government jobs or simply eliminated them as redundant. Obama has presided over the largest reduction in the Federal Government since the de-activation following the Korean War. Ironically this has hurt the recovery because he laid off workers.

Red States have privatized prisons, sold their government buildings and leased them back, on and on and on. While this is always portrayed as a "cost savings", it's really more expensive by a multiple of 2 to 5 times the cost. With buildings they simply take new buildings and lease them to the state until they are falling down, then return them to the taxpayer. With water systems, highways and such, they just gouge the consumer. All of this does of course cripple the economy, this results in the rich looking for even more ways to gouge their victims.

There are no end to the schemes, but they all have the same underlying premises, take from the many  to give to the very few. Lying about it is taken for granted. The news media rarely tells you what is happening, and if they do, few people can understand the issue. It's not just a product of 40 years of bad education policies, it's also the deliberate misinformation that has been programmed into the bulk of Americans with the Right's illegal domination of the media. (The Sherman Anti-trust Act is still on the books)

Maybe we could put out some comic books or movies with simple plots to inform the people. Oh wait, Obama is doing that already with the new Batman movie, at least according to Rush Limbaugh. Gotham is saved! Rush thought he was being clever and sarcastic by accusing Hollywood of trying to help Obama. Instead he created an inadvertent parody that's actually funny, unlike the crap he spews. It's funny because it's true.