Friday, July 27, 2012

Sometimes Giant Holes Just Happen

Last week there was a large spike in unemployment claims and it was proclaimed that OBAMA CAUSES THE END OF THE WORLD  by the right leaning corporate media, this week the number is down by even more and they are calling that an "unexplained aberration". The five week moving average continues coming down (that's a good thing). Weekly numbers often need to be corrected later because of delays in the states reporting data. If there was holiday that week you can count on it.

Mittens has been making much noise about Obama's foreign policy blunders. You know, like apologizing for America, except that never happened. Now we need to apologize to one of our allies for "some guy" (as described by the Mayor of London) that dug a huge PR hole, but he dig find $2 million in campaign contributions down at Barclay's Bank. The conservative British papers are running headlines like "Mitt the Twit", and that is the mildest comment they're making about him. What happens when Willard confronts China as he's promised to do? They aren't so easy going about being insulted the way our closest ally is. They don't have an "Anglo-Saxon heritage" in common with us, as if we did with Britain.

The massive thunderstorms that we've been having are so powerful that they're blasting holes through the ozone layer. Water vapor is being lifted in excess of 60,000 feet (something not thought possible), and the interaction with the pollution laced moisture is destroying ozone at a rate 100 times faster than it can be replenished. Researchers don't know yet how widespread the phenomena has become.

A new unofficial weather term has been created, the "heat dome". This is a phenomenon where a stable high altitude, high pressure, cloudless system presses down on the dry air beneath it trapping heat. It appears that a series of heat domes are responsible for the unprecedented melting of Greenland ice mass, nearly the entire surface has warmed above freezing in early summer. Normally this doesn't happen until the end of summer and doesn't last very long. This year it has happened so early that even ice at high altitude is melting. This event doesn't mean anything in itself, it happens about every 150 years, but we are experiencing such rare weather events on a daily basis. 

The British chose to honor their National Health Service as a major part of the Olympic opening ceremony. The NBC anchor did take note of the fact that the American audience wouldn't understand this, but other than alluding to the controversy about our health care system he didn't really explain it. A billion people were watching the TV coverage, the Americans would be the only people that needed to have it explained. Of course we will probably win more medals than any other country, well except maybe for Red China, and they're building their own national health service, and bullet trains, and a manned space program.... 

Mitt Romney says this is going to be the "American Century" after all. That is it will be under his watch. He's says he will bring back all the Neo-cons from the Bush Administration to make it happen. The same Neo-cons fired by Robert Gates when Pappy Bush sent him in to fill in the giant hole that W dug himself. A safer bet would be to learn Mandarin.


Anonymous said...

Of course he didn't explain it. His corporate masters at Comcast and GE would never allow him to go all Michael Moore and teach the American people about why the NHS considered one of the UK's greatest achievements. This is because it is successful. The Wingnuts would counter that if it so successful, then why do people come HERE for health care? First of all, this is a myth. The only foreigners who come here for health care are those with a ton of money who can afford specific procedures and have access to doctors that most of us would never be allowed to see.

The Wingnuts would also note how the UK would never have a NHS, nor the Olympics, and would speaking German if wasn't for us bailing them out TWICE. These same pinheads fail to understand that (a) it was a combination of Hitler's poor military knowledge along with a cagey British RAF that kept the Nazis from seizing the UK and (b) though the combined forces of the U.S., UK, and other minor players (Canada, French Resistance) was able to deliver the knockout punch, the Soviets had already turned the war in their favor. Now one of these clowns could retort that the Soviets would have never defeated the Nazis at Stalingrad nor pushed them back across Eastern Europe if it wasn’t for the Lend-Lease Act that provided them the necessary military hardware. But doing this would be giving credit to FDR-a sacrilege to these people.

Nevertheless, the point is that before and during WWII, FDR and the US was fighting both the fascism in Europe AND at home. The American Fascists (and no not those goofballs in the German American Bund Party) tried once already to overthrow FDR, but Old Gimlet Eye foiled their plan. They also were major financers of the Hitler and the Nazis throughout the 1930’s. Even during war, they were still conducting business with Germany until they were caught in 1942. The ironic thing is, basically the same group that desired fascism here in 1942 has nearly gotten it in 2012. This why most Americans do not relate to the NHS; because they are not ALLOWED to through what half-wit Sarah Palin calls the “lame-stream media.” Anyway you look at it, providing no information is just as much censorship as providing that which is false.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

The Heat Dome phenomenon is scary. Whenever I hear from the "Global Warming isn't happening, but if it is, Plants like Heat and CO2!" crowd, I have to cringe. Cherry picking a few good things like sea-lanes in the Arctic Circle don't make up for the million-and-one unintended consequences.

Scientists can make models and predictions, but can't always know something like an Ozone-destroying heat dome is going to be created.

The only thing I'm sure of, is that those that paid to get shills to lie to us, will be charging us for cold air and clean water.