Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Iceland has hired an ex cop to hunt down the bankers that tried to steal their country from them. They are particularly interested in getting their hands on Board members from the banks that destroyed their economy. It's more of a publicity stunt than anything, they're calling on the Europeans to do the same. How do you say, 'don't hold your breath', in Icelandic?

The IMF was poised to simply steal the very rock out from under the people of Iceland. They were demanding that all natural resources be turned over to the corporate Oligarchs in return for a "bailout" that would have done nothing more than imposed grueling austerity. The decedents of the Vikings chose to simply flip the pirates off instead. Iceland now has one of the healthier economies in Europe.  

Why is nothing being done about the bankers here? The Republicans planned ahead. Regulators are loaded up with Bush appointees, the DOJ is grossly underfunded and poorly staffed, the laws have been diluted and the courts corrupted by Bush appointees. Banks have a hundred silk stocking lawyers for every DOJ lawyer and unlimited money to spend. The best the government can do is get cash settlements, that while these are huge sums of money, they amount to, "just the cost of doing business".

In the end none of this is about making money. Sure, the deck hands on the pirate ships do get a cut of the loot, but the power behind the fleet already have more money than they could ever pile up and burn if they used a bulldozer. It's about eliminating democracy, and getting rid of that annoying middle class that tends to think of themselves as somehow equal to their betters. "[Sniff], we can not have that".

Update on the Mittens Olympics, the opening ceremonies gear was designed and made in Canada. Romney is able to distance himself from that, but he personally approved the purchase of the torch bearer uniforms from Burma. A country that we don't even have diplomatic relations with, and when challenged by anti-slavery activists at the time, Romney responded that the uniforms weren't made in Burma. He said no they weren't, they were made in Myanmar. There is a reason McCain rejected Romney for VP and went with the crazy moose lady instead. Technically you can see Russia from her house, if you're high enough.  


Mobis21 said...

This post cleverly and artfully lays bare the naked truth behind the motives of the global banking cabal who have been willfully funding the austerity campaign to make government "smaller" using budget cuts as an economic weapon of mass deconstruction.

Nicely done sir!

Steve said...

Americans have a very short memory.
If someone wanted to just look at the facts about the Obama Administration they would have to conclude that it is just a third term for Bush/Cheney. This is not to be mean it is the sad truth. At every turn and every important decision Obama did exactly as George W. Bush would have done. The examples are too numerous to repeat here. One example is how the Bush loyalists were allowed to stay in their posts at the DOJ. Obama never tried to fill all the vacancies of judges. Justice Kagan is pretty conservative...Just like Mr. Obama.

prairie2 said...

The Senate is holding up hundreds of judicial appointments. Obama is quite conservative, but you can't make the Bush/Cheney claim stick.

Dave said...

Let's make this abundantly clear for all Americans who will be voting in November. There is a choice to be made between possibly not having things get horribly worse and the certainty that they will.

Voting for a Republican, any Republican, is to petition for our collective execution. It's true the Democrats are highly flawed but having them in power is at least somewhere to start.

Also know this. Everyone who is alive at this moment will not see dramatic improvement in the quality of life even if we put fair-minded people in government from now on. If we are lucky and politically active, we can hope not to be an expendable commodity for use by the oligarchs. Who knows? We might even do a little better that just surviving.

Templewind said...

Yes, we're doing sooooo well now, aren't we? It's time for a change of the crooks supposedly governing for us. At least it will take them a few months to reorganize the payout schedule.