Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence from corporate power, or, On this day in history, history repeats

On this day in history a bunch of middle class liberals declared their Independence from the British East India Company (BEIC). They had realized by 1776 that they were going have to leave the Empire to accomplish that.

It wasn't about the colonists being taxed, it was about Bain (oops, I mean the BEIC) not paying any taxes. The Crown had not only exempted the corporation from paying taxes in 1773, but refunded all the taxes they had ever paid. After all they couldn't tax the job creators.

It wasn't conservatives that went to war, they sat it out, much to the consternation of the British who expected their help. They did burn the houses of liberals while they were gone to the war, and throw their wives and children into prison.

Conservatives also didn't pay taxes to the Continental Congress either. After the United States was formed, in the so-called Whiskey Rebellion the Tea Baggers of the day were refusing to pay taxes. President Washington had to put his uniform back on and raise an army to put them down.

George Washington is only President lead an army in uniform while in office. President Madison did personally lead troops under fire in the defense of Washington DC during the War of 1812. He lost the battle and the city, but he managed to keep the Army from being captured. George Bush put on a uniform to fly two miles out to an aircraft carrier. Neither Washington, nor Madison needed a cod-piece. 

The Framers wanted to include a ban on corporations in the Constitution, but decided to allow the States to regulate them instead. It worked more or less, for almost a hundred years. You can have democratic government or corporations. The British had a Parliament, but they were all shareholders, and the BEIC was making them rich. The BEIC (I mean Bain)  made Romney rich doing the exact same things. The suppression of the middle class is simply history repeating itself.