Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gold Medal performance

In response to Willard demanding an apology from the President, the Obama campaign responded with an ad featuring Romney singing very badly, (how can he be that out of touch?) with the graphics illustrating everything Mittens doesn't want you to know. Romney stands for everything that is fundamentally un-American, inherited wealth that has been multiplied by stealing from the middle-class, all the while tone deaf to that behavior even being wrong.

When Mitt was doing his media blitz on Friday, the CBS reporter asked him for a comment on the Olympic uniforms being designed in the US but made in China. He flatly refused to say a word about it, guess why? His big accomplishment of turning around the Salt Lake City Games (using gobs of Federal money, that he bragged only he could get), the uniforms for his games were not only not make in the US, but were designed outside the US as well. He deserves the Gold Medal for outsourcing.

Republican claims that Obama did it too by allowing stimulus money to leave the country, are of course more lies. Democrats tried to attach a buy American provision to the Stimulus bill, Republicans wouldn't allow it to pass.

Romney wants to cut his own taxes by 25%, this from a guy who only pays 14% now (we've only seen one return, others probably have zero taxes). He says he's going to broaden the tax base by eliminating loopholes. He won't name even one that he will close. Republicans don't close loopholes, it's not in their nature, unless it's one that only benefits people below their class. Of course the Republican talking point is that nearly half of Americans pay no taxes. First off, those people all pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than Mitt Romney does. They don't pay Federal income taxes because guys like Mitt Romney have made them into the working poor.

The median family income is around $46,000 and falling. If we went back to the way the economy worked before Ronald Reagan, current worker productivity would yield a family income around $75,000. You would also have fewer moms working, it was 1.1 workers per household then, now it's approaching 2 workers, even with all the single parent families.