Friday, July 13, 2012

The F-word

The usual meme that Democrats are too timid and don't think strategically is being put to rest by the Obama campaign. Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter laid it out simply that Romney is either lying about leaving Bain in 1999, or he is a Felon. Three years of SEC reports that say he was in charge at Bain as CEO and Chairman of the Board are indisputable. If he is going to continue claiming he had nothing to do with all the nasty things they were doing down at Snidely Whiplash Inc, then he is confessing to multiple felonies. These aren't trivial formalities of paper work, because he signed the disclosure forms claiming he was in charge when he also claims he wasn't. In a post Enron era these are serious, go to prison crimes.

The Republicans were working the talking point up the chain of fat heads that Obama was lying about Romney's time at Bain. Now they are forced to express faux outrage at Obama calling Willard a Felon, not realizing that every time they utter words Romney and Felon in the same breath they are serving Obama's purpose. Time to overuse the chess metaphor again, make your opponent move in the direction you want because you're thinking five moves ahead.

Some people are expressing the fantasy that all the crazy Republican primary candidates will try to challenge Mittens at the Republican convention. He has too much money to make that possible. On the other hand there are billionaires who can match Romney's war chest with the money in the couch cushions at their 5th smallest mansion. If one or more of them decided to make it happen, this is a fantasy that could come true.

Afternoon update - Romney is going on all the network evening news shows to either try to wiggle out of this or drop out of the race (not likely, but not impossible). It seems that Mittens put information on his election (FEC) forms that he wasn't involved with Bain after 1999. Oops, one set of these forms is a lie, either the FEC or the SEC. Lying to either commission is a felony. Willard is going to need to go to the planet Kolab for a miracle.

From the Evening News - The corporate media gave Mittens a pass as you might expect and let him berate the President, demanding an apology as if Obama had forged the documents that Willard signed, incriminating himself. There was one exception although inadvertent I'm sure. One overly helpful reporter interrupted the perp offering to allow him to expand his denials. "... and you don't remember ... or attending any board meetings or anything?" Romney paused for a beat and said "No" in a kind of mumble, knowing full well he just told another lie. Since he held all the senior corporate positions, they couldn't hold a board meeting without him. If he appointed a replacement to run the company, he won't say who, and they would have been required to sign the SEC forms.  Show us the minutes of the board meetings Mitt.


Anonymous said...

Love the Snidely Whiplash reference. I guess you have to be a certain age to appreciate it. LMAO!