Sunday, July 8, 2012

Advanced Alien Liars Recovered Near Roswell NM

It's the 65th anniversary of the first battle between the US Military and alien spacecraft over Roswell NM in 1947. That's as good of a story as any. It might explain the many trillions spent on "defense" since. Surely the critics who say we have just been supporting the lifestyles of a few hundred millionaires with all that money are wrong. President Eisenhower gave several speeches warning us against dangers of the Alien Industrial Complex, and how massive diversions of money away from schools and hospitals were needed to combat it.

The original press release stating that the US Army Air Force had recovered alien wreckage and bodies was surprisingly detailed. The transition to the independent USAF as wouldn't happen until September that year. The massive cover-up in the press that began the next day was simply unbelievable.  They could have said it was just a practical joke that got out of hand, cashiered the Major responsible for the story going to the local newspaper and ended it there. But instead they told an obvious lie.

Was it simply that the Generals were terrified to admit that anything issued by the military press office could be a lie? We were already into the Cold War, and lying to the public was the entire thrust of that "patriotic" movement.

The cover-up produced at great expensive by the USAF decades later was an even bigger lie than the original weather balloon story. They broadcast films from a test program used to work out the design of high altitude pilot ejection parachutes. This operation used dummies in USAF flight suits dropped from high altitude balloons, this explained away the alien bodies from the original official Army press release. There are enough facts in the story so-far to point that out as a lie. Do you get it? The uniforms don't match, the USAF had their own by the time the film was made, seven years later. They had no idea that they would ever be bailing out at high altitudes in 1947.

Why not tell another lie, and use fake evidence to back it up? Nothing new about that. Were there little green men at Roswell? We'll never know, unless the little green men tell us. But their military is probably run by even more advanced liars than ours.


Anonymous said...

I am a retired USAF Master Sargent who spent time at Roswell AFB. The big secret was ideed balloons launched to high altitudes. But the purpose was to reflect radar waves over the horizon to detect Soviet Union aircraft and missiles earlier to allow a responce from ground based bombers rather than airbourn alert aircraft. The danger of nukes flying in the air on operation "Corome Dome" was too great as the several crashes and the posibility of mistaken nuke attack like in the movie "Dr Stangeglove".

prairie2 said...

I'm getting a lot of comments with proof of aliens at Roswell. These don't hold up to scrutiny. In fact the one I did let through doesn't either, it has the same flaws in the timeline that the official USAF story does. Maybe read what I wrote again, slowly.