Sunday, June 10, 2012

A simple argument

When a right-winger tells you that we need to get government off the backs of the job creators, challenge him to do this: go to any town that has a Walmart and open a store. Space won't be hard to find, plenty of empty buildings the city will give him for free. They'll even throw in all the tax breaks they gave Walmart. Plenty of unemployed people there that will be happy to work for minimum wage, just like at Walmart.

Ask Mr Right-winger why he doesn't do this. If he still insists that government would stop him, ask how. There aren't really any regulations that impact retailers save the minimum wage, but Walmart pays that, so he should be competitive. Demand to know why he doesn't become a job creator and save his nation.

Mr Right-winger wants corporations to be completely unregulated so they can do to the rest of us what Walmart does to small towns. Ask him why he wants that. What Walmart does used to be prohibited, guys like him made it possible. Ask him why he did that.

If he says everything is cheaper at Walmart, ask him to prove that. It's just numbers, it should be easy to prove. Walmart couldn't, and was forced by the pesky government to stop claiming that.

Just as an aside, after the US and Canada, my largest readership is now in China. Hmmm


Steve said...


This country has slipped back into the Gilded Age with the monopolistic corporations being the Robber Barons. What we need is a Trust buster like Teddy Roosevelt to break up all these corporate monopolies. Just by doing this, hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created and wages would rise due to competition. Right now the corporations have their boot on the neck of workers!
It is very obvious to even the casual observer that both Romney and Obama only care about serving the top 1%. Capitalism and Democracy don't really go well together....

prairie2 said...

What Romney wants is worse than capitalism. The right keeps calling it capitalism, so you should know that it's not.

Dave said...

I had to think for a while about that worse than capitalism idea. It's occurred to me that it isn't feudalism the new plutocrats want either. There's too much mutual responsibility in that system along with the exploitation and carnage.

In capitalism regular working people are pawns to be exploited or possibly a resource to be used. Under the new order, workers aren't anything as valuable as that.

Regular people are prey, something to be consumed. The only reason for providing any support for something so contemptible is that it allows it to be abused longer. Besides it's funny to the masterclass to watch people delude themselves that they're not completely screwed.

And the fool-some-of-the-people-all-of-the-time sheeple vote for the power elite over and over. After all the plutocrat-puppet of the day is a godly man, someone you could have a beer with.