Saturday, June 16, 2012

Impending Crash?

Well, it looks like we're building up to that crash some of us have been talking about for far too many years. The folks on the right are just smacking their lips at the possibilities. The pirates at the top have every reason to anticipate it with glee. Further down the food chain they have the sort of optimism that the school yard bully has, right up until somebody takes him down.

Say what you want about Obama, but he has four years as POTUS and he is a quick study. The people who oppose him are a collection of the naive and the criminal. Mitt Romney doesn't know whether his butt is punched or drilled, but it is gold plated and that is everything to him. (it's his turn you know)

BTW, anybody who tells you that they know exactly what is going to happen is a liar, or a fool, or both.

In the end it doesn't matter if Obama is a great leader or not, it matters how many Americans have a grasp on what has been going on, and what to do about it. Not so much the details, but the full understanding that it is our country, not theirs, and we don't have to give it up.


Anonymous said...

If you are implying that Americans fully understand that this is not their parents (or grandparents) economy, I would say yes they do grasp it (though most cannot explain to you why). If you are eluding to the neo-fascist takeover of our politics, then the answer would be no.

I am a avid listener of Thom Hartmann and Mike Malloy. Now, I would say that I enjoy Malloy because he voices opinions exactly how I feel. Hartmann, however, is very intelligent and reasoning so he keeps me honest with my sentiments. With that being said, both his radio and TV shows this weeks focused on the fascistic characteristics of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, their SuperPACS and ALEC.

Now Malloy has been basically calling these people what they are-fascists. This is how I have felt for years. Hartmann-not really until recently. Hence, if Thom Hartmann is even openly talking about it, then we have passed a threshold that we haven't seen since the 1930's. However, this time I fear that we won't have a FDR to fight them both here and abroad.

prairie2 said...

When FDR was elected he was far right of Obama. Obama seems to be catching on, but there are no guarantees. FDR came into office with an overwhelming Progressive Congress who showed him (along with the banking crisis), the way to proceed. The good news is that we don't have to re-invent the wheel, just convince them that wheels aren't supposed to be square.

Anonymous said...

Well that is the crux isn't it. You have a 24-hour news channel and nationwide Right-wing radio apparatus(and let's not forget a complying corporate media) devoted to convincing the whells are square and that 2+2=5.

C.A. Dupin said...

Hold on...are you implying 2+2<5? That's not what Hanniraldoreilly said. You lie! Not true! Get over it!

Heard an interesting story about a discussion on a radio show regarding the actual color of the sky. It might not be blue. That could be an illusion based on having been told it's blue. So why not believe 2+2=5? Physicists would say dark matter makes up the rest of the mass, right? Hanniraldoreilly need no such quantum prestidigitation. They'll just repeat it until the illusion becomes reality.

So it goes.