Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy help us

[Romney claims he wrote the word "Dad" at the top of each page of his debate notes ("most of them", just in case there are any pictures not showing it, and likely none that do since he just made it up)] "Each time I wrote Dad at the top of my page reminding myself of the sacrifice that he made in his life for his family, for us and his passion for America so yeah Dad was just three letters at the top of the page," Romney said in the interview that aired on CBS's Face the Nation on Father's Day.

Is it worse that this totally disingenuous freak can get away with pushing this kind of Madison Avenue hype, or that he might be so stupid that he takes what he's saying seriously. As a Mormon, if he is a true believer, he believes old George Romney having been buried in his Magic Underwear, now rules his own earth like planet (with as many wives as he likes). This would be exactly the same as Jesus, the former human and brother of Satan now rules this planet that we live on. All righteous Mormon males are so blessed. The rest of us? Hell, or somewhere with no Mormons, a real vacation spot.

Which is more scary? If I was a Republican that voted for anybody but Romney in the primaries, I'd be voting for Obama. But there's the rub, being stupid enough to vote Republican in the first place precludes doing anything intelligent now.