Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A billionaire can buy anything he wants

In exit polling done Tuesday during the Wisconsin recall, 18% of those who voted for the hard-right Republican Walker said they will vote for Obama in the Fall. How can this be? It seems $60 million in a relatively small state can really get your lies (I mean message) across. 

One of the most popular ads run by the Republicans pounded on the idea that it was wrong to recall a governor that hasn’t committed a crime. A bold ad, or a perhaps a Freudian slip as he’s likely to be indicted any day, especially  since 12 of his closest aids are already cooling their heels in jail. The premise of this ad was accepted by 25% of registered Democrats, Republicans simply don’t care if he’s committed a crime.  

His billionaire masters purchased him an image as a bold, brave Governor who took on the difficult issues and balanced a budget that was $3.5 billion in the hole. All without cutting any jobs, or raising taxes. He really inherited a $40 million surplus that he gave away to corporations on the first day. The rest was also a bunch of lies, jobs will be slashed and taxes will skyrocket. Billions in debt is being kicked down the road while paying interest. But he was able to sell it as day for night. Rural voters that really turned out for him are now convinced that the greedy teachers all make $75,000 a year. Only about a 250% exaggeration. Next winter their roads probably won't be plowed, normally a big problem in the Great White North, but global warming should take care of that, courtesy of the Koch Brothers.

Even people who should know better accepted this nonsense with 35% of union households voting for their own throats to be cut. In the next few weeks the disaster Walker has made will start to impact locally. He was only the third Governor in 230 years of the United States to face a re-call, he might be the fourth as well. Okay, jail is more likely. On that point, ironically the re-call gave him a huge gift. Not only was his indictment put off until this Friday (a well placed rumor), but he is now able to transfer millions of campaign money to his legal defense fund. He can also buy counsel for his already indicted co-conspirators making it harder to flip them to State’s evidence. The Democrats did pick up one recalled Senate seat to gain the majority, so Walker’s agenda will be pulled up short. Now he can blame them for the damage he has caused. 
The rightwing media has become obsessed with the “feud” between Obama and Clinton. They take no notice that Big Dog Clinton is been pulled up tight on his chain by Obama. The media said that yesterday in an interview on CNBC Clinton called for an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich, contrary to Obama policy. 

Here is the quote they base this on, try to find the words “tax cuts”, “I don't have any problem with extending all of it now, including the current spending level,” Clinton said in his interview with Bartiromo. “They're still pretty low, the government spending levels. But I think they look high because there's a recession. So the taxes look lower than they really would be if we had two and a half, three percent growth. And the spending is higher than it would be if we had two and a half, three percent growth because there are so many people getting food stamps, so many people getting unemployment, so many people are Medicaid.”  

If you actually read the whole thing, what he’s talking about is spending levels and doesn’t mention cutting taxes. A Clinton spokesman spelled it out as if there was any doubt, “…on extending the Bush tax cuts, as President Clinton has said many times before, he supported extending all of the cuts in 2010 as part of the budget agreement, but does not believe the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans should be extended again.” 

We have the best “liberal” media that right-wing billionaire money can buy.


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin historically has been high on the list as far as an education (though they did elect Joe McCarthy-twice). Nevertheless, it just shows how a massive amount of money spent on messaging can even fool people who you wouldn't think could be duped into voting against their own self interest. Furthermore, even a college cheat like Walker can be propped up and made respectable with enough cash behind him. Better hit up your "pals" at the banks Barry or we in Chicago will be seeing more of you at the Sox games next season.

fype said...

Malloy says: "Get used to saying it... President Romney!!!"