Saturday, May 5, 2012

Foie Gras in every pot, and other tales from Mother Goose

Mitt Romney has a plan for America. He's going to create a half million jobs a month. No President since FDR has ever created jobs on that scale. Mitt isn't proposing going back to FDR's policies, his plan is to put the Bush policies on steroids. Bush averaged 66,000 new jobs a month prior to the collapse that wiped out every job created in those eight years.

Mitt's plan is to cut government jobs and spending, which means losing millions more jobs. Cut taxes on the rich in half, which will mean even less government spending on frills like Medicare and Social Security, eliminating even more jobs that those seniors' spending creates. Seniors that actually have money will know they must live on those savings, and they won't be buying the expensive cat food anymore, still more jobs lost. This sort of frugal-ism will kill seniors who avoid spending as well as those who actually run out of money.  Romney will deregulate corporations still further and get rid of those annoying unions. You can guess how that will affect jobs. It will be so bad, it won't even be good for China.

They're getting down to the point where even tea-baggers should be able to see through this, but they're told constantly that black is white. Not to mention constantly scaring them about the black man in the White House. Did you hear? He killed an elderly man in Abbottabad.


Anonymous said...

Now give Mitt some credit. He said; Corporations are people my friend, Just borrow college money from your parents, I like to fire people, Let them go bankrupt, Just hurry the forclosures along to get them over, Don't tax the job creators, there is a solution to the Nation's problems somewhere in that potpori of advice. He recently held a virtual town hall for the press and touted his Olympic leadershp record. He bragged about selling US Flag pins to raise funds for the Olympics in Salt Lake. The pins were made in China and the town hall was conducted from the Philipines. He created those jobs all by himself.

Dave said...

President Romney. . .It's frightening to even consider. His getting elected would make Ronald Reagan's taking of the White House seem like something to celebrate by comparison.