Saturday, April 21, 2012

The sacking of main street America

Paul Ryan chairman of the House committee that writes the actual budget we must live or die with, said this week that safety-net programs are “a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency”. It's always been the Republican view that people will live in grinding poverty on the government dole rather than do a day's work, no matter that there aren't enough jobs for everybody since they crashed the economy.

The fact is that other than unemployment benefits (and those are only available to people who have had a job) the overwhelming bulk of federal assistance goes to people that are working, and often two or three jobs. The minimum wage is so low that one full time job won't pay family health insurance premiums. Companies like Walmart are heavily subsidized by the government providing Medicaid and food stamps to their workers. The Sam Walton heirs as a group have more billions than any one individual billionaire on the planet. Paying decent wages is for suckers, suckers like the hundreds of thousands if not millions of small businesses they destroyed. It would take a major research study to calculate the damage they've done to America, but it would make the sacking of Rome seem like a case of littering.

For Medicaid in particular, the majority of recipients are elderly or disabled. Two thirds of nursing home budgets come from Medicaid. If Republicans were to actually cut Medicaid it would empty the nursing homes into the street. They won't do this of course, almost all nursing homes are owned by Republicans. It's just fodder for the uninformed (and mostly just stupid) people who vote Republican.

Here's an article I found on Drudge, they think it's anti-government but there are some grains of truth here.


Dave said...

I'm not sure how to say this without sounding shrill and overly dramatic. My making sounds like that did no good at changing minds right after Reagan was elected. I wish I had been wrong in those days.

So here goes.

Survival of human civilization,as we know it, is not a given. I refuse to say our situation is hopeless. However if everyday people can't find a way of living, they will crack, individually and collectively. If there's no interest or trust in social order, there will be chaos.

Do we really have to lose it all that badly? Humanity would probably survive but less how many billion people?

Or are we going to see that recovery is slow process? That each of us will have to be thick skinned enough to know that our most critical agenda item(s) might not go our way anytime soon. That we need to hang together or whither away separately.

macnow said...

Prairie2 ya got me mad, so mad that I gotta break my reply into three or four parts, because there is so much wrong with article in so many backhanded manipulative ways that I can’t just nail one part. So hopefully you allow all seprated parts of this one all mighty rant.

First, the article is full of shit.

It does make one or two true points, only to use those points in leading you down, subtlety (and beautifully done at that) to the finally Conservative Corporatist's Agendas.

Realize that these journalists never point out the real problems: lax regulation in the banking / mortgage system; destructive and ridiculous spending on the military and corporate over-seas infrastructure; tax shelter's etc. for mega corporations breaking the local economy tax base while systematically overloading the town's and city's infrastructure and killing small business.

Additionally all the above was rammed through, AND here is the KEY... by corporate Republicans since the first days of Reagan, and starting with Republicans like Phil Gramm (who was never really a democrat he, just got votes that way) and all the fucking rest.

Ron and Sophie do make some general sweeps at the system to "sound" as if they are being of independent minds, while never even coming close to real criticism. Except of course when they call out the so called Obama program that fails to do what it is supposed to do. Yah… well fucking never mind the fact that not a single corporatist Republican supported or passed any of the needed bank reforms that would of actually made that Obama program function.

And while we’re at it, lots stop saying “mortage industry” without “Big Banking” right in front of it (with a slash).

As in: BIG BANKING / mortage industry.

See, plain and simply that use of the “mortgage industry” alone, with-out any other wording, is a subtle way of ignoring that these corporations are all parts of the big banks: CREATED by the big banks (directly or indirectly), run for their benefit (and to cover the banker’s ass), and used as a backdoor way to get bailed out to the tune of billions and trillions in total all together.

Having a so called free market “independent” middle man mortgage broker is such a fucking dodge of the system, and a full on raping of accountability and transparency by the likes of Chase, CITI, BOA excreta. That is one of the first things that needs fixing. Obama keeps trying, but the fucking corporatist Republicans stop at every turn.

Ya think Angelo R. Mozilo wouldn’t of turned on BOA, CITI and a few of their paid for politician lackeys (on both sides of the political spectrum now), had he not gotten the slap on the wrist that really wasn’t.

But back to the article… and boy don’t Ron and Sophie (subtly for parts of it) do a nice job of making fine broad bullshit smears at democratic politicians and people. While never "really" laying a hand for fault on the corporatist Republicans.

Again, it may look like they take a swipe at a conservative... but its only to reel you in.

Take for example Mayor McShurley, for a second it sounds like they are including her in causing of the problems by saying such words as “The rookie mayor’s arrogance”, but in the end they spin it to look like she was just doing what she was stuck to do because of (and it’s a key addition) the quote: “Democratic intransigence that ensured McShurley’s term was a disaster”.

On a side note what the fuck is she, a teapartist, a corporate Republican, a liar:

macnow said...


Anyways don’t Republicans see their politicians being called “arrogant” as a good thing, and actually feel it’s a great sign of them standing their “righteous” ground.

Moreover this line in the article is just soooo perfect when the mayor says it was because "we" the people couldn't handle the real truth to be told. WHICH is why, only she, Mayor McShurley, was the only one capable at the time, of understanding. She truly wanted to tell her constituents, but…

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit!

The article starts to lead you to believe that it’s a slight against the mayor, but it's a fucking subtle way of saying she knows the truth but was forced not to tell because of the ultimately bad corrupt doings of the democratic machine, and the unreasonable demands of locals wanting a livable wage etc.…

This is the tough love doctrine saying your to greedy you want living wages blah blah blah. And I doubt people were screaming for 45 dollar and hour wages, sounds like another republican gross exaggeration to me.

Understand this… WORDS, and placement of words, fucking matters in how things are remembered by the reader.

That is one of the first fucking things I was taught, when trying to decipher a message’s real meaning, in my advance marketing class. So many of these things lead us in manipulative ways.

Fuck, for crying out loud, the journalists writing this article are basically pulling one from the Gingrich playbook..."Oh I screwed, cheated on my wife, and lied because of my love for America and because those evil democrats were attacking me so unfairly." This is basically the same line of logic, lying because of the democrats / and many Americans can’t handle the truth (till later when it’s to late), that is used to subtly defend the Mayor.

But, I gotta admit, these hacks can actually make this nuanced piece of shit fly in the minds of the ill informed midwest American… or "stupid" as you put it.

Seriously, I don't get it?

Why put up an article like this. It just reinforces subtle Republican corporate memes and Conservative fascist policies on a site like this.

Furthermore, RON FOURNIER is dangerous; he is well played at this game of subterfuge:

Damning with faint praise, muddling who the real culprits are, and spinning a folksy yarn about a smalltown guy... which is what this article did with just a few so called “true points” spun to hell, is dangerous stuff to point out unless also pointing out how manipulative it is.

This only gets readers onto the side of a corporatism agenda... which is “don't trust government”, lose all hope, so on and so forth ad infinitum.

It makes the few "seeming" reality based facts null, void, and forgotten about, by the time you read the actually depressing ending of the article... which was the whole fucking point!

Submit, and your fucked buddy, no where to turn… except once in a while when you have a paired down conservative government.

macnow said...


Subterfuge, and more fucking sublime subterfuge!

To add, the National Journal is just a luke warm version of the National Review. Tailor made to subtly sway opinion over all issues of centrist Republicans and Southern/middle American Democrats, both politicians and voters, bringing them back into the corporate fold.

Don't buy into the bullshit... as subtle as it is.

Also, while we’re at it… a fucking hack magazine like the National Journal, that doesn't mind being seen as now and then, maybe, possibly, being the slightest bit fact based or even "eee gads" progressive (when they are fucking not)... means all they are doing is setting themselves up knowingly, on some dubious article, as some strawman punching bag for the bigger conservative journals.

And as they willingly take a couple hits, they (at least Ron Fournier) know that they can subtly suck on Carl Roves connections and money spigot at any time.

Oh… and Fuck “The Alantic” to boot. They are not progressive and in the last decade have been just a bunch of Zionist fudge packers, dressing their articles in bullshit pseudo intellectualism for the factually impaired William F. Buckley and George Will types of Republicans.

Ultimately, all these milquetoast articles, and bullshit mags like the National Journal, will cause more distraction and noise from what we really need to discuss to fix this country, and in the end line the pockets of corporatist, mega churches, and Republicans… the end full stop.

Shit, Shit, SHIT… I can’t stop; you really got me PO’ed Prairie 2. Maybe that was your objective?

I mean seriously, this drivel has been raking in the southern democratic population since the “southern strategy”.

That movement was more than just “race baiting”, it was getting people to vote against their best interest by using the bully pulpit of the church. Where do you think these messages really got hammered home in these people's heads?

Fucking Oral Roberts, Billy Grahm, and all the rest, whored themselves out to big corporations and despot dictators right from the get-go.

It was like manifest destiny all over again... except now it is for the benefit exclusively of the Conservative Corporate Republican fascist machine.

Of course, when you really talk to the common man/women from Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio etc. they “doesn't see themselves as the Injun”. No, of course not, but that will be manifested upon them by the will of these Conservative Corporate fascist, no matter what they think.

Ahhh, I see it all now… they see themselves as… "Winning".

For fuck's sake, that bloke in the article who lost his home etc. feels like he had, for some small instant, gotten a little bit of good governance when the conservative mayor/counsel pandered to him, and I quote:

macnow said...


“Desperate enough to try, Whitmire showed up to fight City Hall at a public meeting attended by few other members of the public. Somehow, after his travails, he thought government would work. Even more miraculously, it did. A low-level city board gave a guy a break. Its members showed that institutions can respond to change and help people after all.”

That’s really the take home line, conservative governance works… yeah; I know they immediately followed it up with:
“But it’s a small victory for Whitmire. He and his wife are still unemployed. He is no longer eligible for the federal mortgage-relief program. He is bankrupt. His credit is destroyed. And he’s living in a trailer, with no expectation of rejoining the middle class. He has been buffeted, again and again, by forces that never had his interests at heart.
As he strolls out of City Hall and makes plans to cut the grass at 1900 W. 10th St., this man from Middletown still has little reason to believe in the system that took so much from him.”
But that last parting shot isn’t to trounce the conservative young buck mayor, who only really wants to tell the truth (but only can’t), and the remaining councilman and women who survived the “Democratic intransigence”… Noooo, it’s once again done to falsely paint it ultimately as a problem of big government, Democrats, and blah, blah, blah.

Yep manifest destiny by corporate Republican powers is just awesome.

Fuck it... we just all need to give ourselves to these lovelies

Yeah manifest my ass.

Yet again, love how the article ends; really concentrate on the subterfuge... and while you’re holding that thought…

…ask yourself who ultimately wins if people hate what use to be our commons, and don't trust government, and end up funneled into the even worse “mega corporation new prosperity doctrine” bullshit churches?

Answer: Republicans and corporate fascist.

This is just plain folksy textbook think-tank speak, honed since the late forties till the present.

Propaganda, catapulted to the masses with a velvet glove... that is going to pound the SHIT out of ya sooner then later.

Thanks P2, just couldn’t give one of my simple rebuts.

prairie2 said...

I told you where it came from, and I'll repeat, there are some points in this article. Of course the damage was all done by the Republicans and any Democrats they could corrupt.

macnow said...

I know, but when I saw:

"Here's an article I found on Drudge, they think it's anti-government but there are some grains of truth..."

I just lost it.

To me Drudge, or his rabid followers, calling an article like this... on the National Journal anti-american, just blows my mind.

And because of that, I just had to hit it with both barrels for being the underhanded piece of shit article it is.

This is what I really was reacting to, them (National Review and good old Ron) creating such a target, that works on so many levels, to get the big gov (BAD) memes out there; and ALSO simultaneously working as an article with some fake progressive tendencies, is awful.

The article, working in a twisted manipulative logic sort of way (that the then UBER rightwingers can take whacks at) distorts everything... and to me is sublimely dangerous.

Ron is brilliant, he and Sophie gotta two-fer plus more.

I looked on Drudge to see the comments or opinion, but couldn't find it. I did do a search, and all it did was give a link to the article.

I would be interested to see what points are considered anti-american, I can make a guess on some, but still I want to see them put together in some sort of argument by Drudge and his commentors.

So no strike at you P2, I am just pissed... especially by what I consider subtle meme reinforcing propaganda articles. These really set me on a rage against the machine tear.

I feel like in the last year and half they (conservative journalist think tanks etc.), have really gone out of their way in wordsmithing and political speak, more than any time in history. And up to now what has been missing... is a very, very, nuanced and manipulative message. This is the killer.

Normally I can pick it out in one or two paragraphs who they are specifically going after, and were the real gist of the article is aimed. But lately I have had to read some of this new stuff all the way to the very end to figure it out. For the less informed the manipulation and subterfuge has already taken hold, and a over arching meme is reinforce that is later the only thing really meant to be recalled.

I guess the more the machine falls apart, and the more people like that guy Whitmire loose their homes, job, and go bankrupt... the more these rats gotta use subterfuge.

Fuck me I'm getting depressed.

macnow said...


: - )

one more thing, what you just replied to me in my first post:

"Of course the damage was all done by the Republicans and any Democrats they could corrupt."

THAT part about "any Deomcrats they could corrupt."...

...needs it's own full article. We have gotten majorly screwed on that point so many times.

It can never be highlighted enough.