Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't recycle

The stock market took an upward turn today after a week of steady declines. The corporate news blamed the losses on the “poor” jobs number for March as if 120,000 new jobs was bad thing. The number was really closer to 200,000 but large job losses in construction and retail, as well as from a decline in temp jobs. The number of essential government workers fired in the Red States helped to drag the net gain down as well. Average hours worked stayed about the same so there has been no real downturn in business activity so far.

We should be seeing an up tick in construction as is normal coming out of a Recession. Unfortunately finding a job that pays enough to afford a home is becoming a quaint idea from the pre-Republican era. Too many Americans see this as the new normal with a huge number now predicting that their children will be less well off during their lives then they are. They no longer have the American Dream of upward mobility from hard work, but they have replaced it with a fantasy of lottery winnings or sports contracts.

The Republican base has an even more perverse fantasy of success, they will go into business. Even though they have no money or any new ideas, they are sure that if big government would just get off the backs of business and rich people were no longer taxed that they could succeed at business. No matter that it’s the big corporations that will squash them like a bug and not government. Except for the regulatory capture of government of course, this favors the big corporation over the little guy, and will only get worse as corporations are “de-regulated“.

Already the patent system and the courts are so clogged with corporate churning that companies exist simply to prey upon the small and medium sized businesses that hold patents. These predators will file baseless patent infringement claims knowing that resolution through the courts can take decades. In return for these sharks letting go of their victim they will take 70% or more of the little guy’s flesh. Big corporations routinely capture new technology the same way, or just keep the new innovation off the market until the patent runs out, all the while selling their old uncompetitive product. It’s capital that competes in the so called free market, not good ideas.

Still, nearly half of Americans vote for the Republicans who steal their wealth, steal the future of their children, and steal their dreams replacing them with nightmares. Worse yet, they either see it as normal, or the fault of people even worse off than they are.

Even liberals are not above this kind of thinking. They start to see it all as hopeless if they can’t have all needed reforms in a day, or from one administration. Many preach the “inevitability” of decline from dwindling resources, and so do nothing more meaningful than recycling some trash. The real trash is in the Congress and the corporate board rooms. The kind of trash that should not be recycled, but go straight to the landfill.


Anonymous said...

I saw a panel discussion of attorneys probably three years ago, about patents. They were discussing the current legal advise to businesses to hire a special team to go through their records and file patent applications for every single part of their products. Every screw, washer, assembly -- everything. The idea was that with so many jobs being outsourced, it is inevitable that third world countries will soon simply use the available information and technology to manufacture on their own. Which is how it should be. But the U.S. businesses will sue these small companies, drag them through U.S.-dominated "international" court systems, and get big judgments against them. Unless they pay and pay.

The jobs aren't coming back here. Instead, the corporate owners will sit in their palaces and take a percentage of everything made, sole, consumed in the world. Parasites who contribute nothing, but take a percentage of everything. The entire patent system is corrupt, and other nations should simply refuse to honor any U.S. patent, particularly for products which have been in the market for over 5 years. Nobody needs "secret" information to make a toaster.

John said...


Was there a bet on this?

If so, you know where to send the payoff.

John Puma

prairie2 said...

At no point did I say that Obama wouldn't approve more drilling. My prediction was that he won't approve the tar sands pipeline because it would be an economic disaster, not because of environmental reasons. He's pushing solar, that's the best you can expect from Obama. American voters still believe in the oil fairy.