Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to the new Troll

We have a brand new Troll today that went through posting the same old talking points. He even posted three separate talking points to the same article, so I suspect he gets paid by the comment. Oh well, it's stimulus for the economy. Clearly he didn't bother to read anything first, as the most of his points don't line up that well, probably just cut and paste. I'm too tired today to tear the guts out of his poorly informed comments, even to hold them up to hear the roar of the crowd. Would anyone else care to do the honors, or is it just too easy?


Demand_Sider said...

I'm reading Ha-Joon Chang's "Bad Samaritans". It's a good cure for any "free market" type. If they only knew how capitalism really worked. Oh wait, I almost forgot. They are oblivious to reality.

prairie2 said...

Had a right winger leave a couple of nasty comments today on piece I wrote in early November about Mitten's 11-11-11 plan (remember 9-9-9). I think I made him cry, the odd thing is he called it (between obscenities)liberal rhetoric, but you can get most of it in Republican attack ads anymore.