Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's not only the good who die young, sometimes those on the right are recalled to the home office

For those on the right that are in mourning, Andrew is now in the bosom of his creator, and surely Satan has a plan for him. For those on the left, even though Brietbart now has the potential for even greater evil with his next appearance from the Hell-mouth, you can take comfort that Dick Cheney is green with envy. 


Dave said...

When we talk about things like the number of letters in the name Ronald Wilson Reagan or refer to some Republican politicians as the spawn of hell, we're speaking metaphorically. Right?? Oh it has to be!!! PLEASE. . .tell me it's just a metaphor.

Here's the funny part for me. Until he died, I'd never heard of this clown. What was that nonsense he was going to release? A college age Obama on video? Now why would that be relevant?

Well to the knee-jerk lunkheads who call themselves conservatives these days it might matter. They think the president is just like they are, static and rigid, with no capacity to change one's mind.

Can't change what you haven't got, can you?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me to see the talking punditry memorialize this hate-mongerer. He was vile and damaged so many peoples lives. To hear those on the left treating his passing with kid gloves is as bad as it gets. I understand not wanting to speak ill of the dead. However, in this time, at this moment, the world suffers when we shy away from truth just so we can be respectful. Breitbart was a monster and we should say it loud and clear; dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bruce. Thank god and Greyhound it's gone.

ickenittle said...

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bully.

Just when I start to doubt there is a god in heaven- he surprises me.

Bye bye Andrew, maybe next time around you will become something better, a slug maybe? or is that one reserved for Rush?